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Disney Xd among Us {Aug} Complete Useful Information!


Disney Xd among Us {Aug} Complete Useful Information! >> This article provides information about the new conceptual upcoming series on Disney XD platform for the kids.

Do you know that the “Among Us” series is going to be launched on Disney XD in October 2021 in the United States? Do you want to know the concept of the Disney Xd among Us series? Wondering what age group can watch this series? Are you looking for a new series that will be on Disney XD soon?

We bring you exciting news about the upcoming “Among Us” series. Please read this article further to know all the information.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a cross platform game launched in 2018 on Nintendo, Android, and iOS platforms. Marcus Bromander created the concept of the game. He is co-founder of Innersloth gaming company. Innersloth is planning to release this game on various PlayStation and Xbox platforms soon this year. Learn more facts about Among Us the Series Disney Xd below. 

The game became popular in 2020 and won many awards like Breakout of the Year, Favorite Video Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Mobile Game, and Breakthrough Award. In addition, it received more than 60 million views in four consecutive weeks.

About Among Us on Disney XD:

Based on the growing popularity of this game, especially among kids, Disney XD is going to telecast Among Us series from October this year. The characters are parodies called impostors. They are represented by gelly-like flexible bodies with a glass cover over their eyes. 

Concept of Disney Xd among Us:

The concept of this series will help kids to learn about different colors, group discussion, teamwork, coordination, good attitude, improve logic, friendship, detective skills, learning to trust (or) to suspect, make a case study, and much more!

It is a cartoon series with a parody that lightens the moods of kids. Series do not have much violence, even though the concept revolves around catching evil impostors. In Among Us game, the impostors are in an airship. Among innocent impostors, two evil impostors are trying to sabotage the airship. In Disney Xd among Us series, evil impostors try to eliminate innocent imposters until innocent impostors are equal in numbers (or) till evil impostors are outnumbered. 

Good impostors do their regular duties of maintaining and managing the airship. If an evil impostor is identified, they are voted out by other players. Therefore, if you are the evil impostor, you need to isolate and eliminate your target. So that no other impostor sees and identifies you. Therefore, achieving the target of the game to protect impostors and airships.


It would be interesting to see how Among Us the Series Disney Xd will adopt such a concept to entertain the kids. It will be a good series for kids to cultivate various skills, as mentioned above. Moreover, kids are likely to love such series as Among Us game is already popular among their friends. 

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