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Dnc Convention Reviews {August} Find Out More Here

Dnc Convention Reviews {August} Find Out More Here -> Democratic Convention for 59th Presidential election in United-States is currently being held at Wisconsin center.

The Democratic National Convention is a presidential nominating event, which is on-going at Wisconsin Center. During the event, the Democratic Party of United-States formally candidates for the post of President and Vice-President for upcoming elections. The convention event is held every four years by most of the parties in the United-States. Usually, the events are held by two major parties; The Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Other small parties may also select their nominees, including the Green Party, Libertarian Party, the Socialist Party, Reform Party USA, and the Constitution Party.

In DNC convention reviews, we will discuss the candidates of the Democratic Party for presidential elections 2020.  

What is Democratic National Convention 2020?

As stated above, the convention is held to nominate Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. The event was scheduled between July 13th and 16th 2020 at Fiserv Forum, however, due to the current pandemic of Corona Virus, it was postponed till August 17th to 20th 2020.

As a result, the format of DNC convention reviews is substantially changed from the earlier conventions. The duration of a convention is now shorter, most of the convention is being held remotely from various cities across the United-States. While being mostly a virtual meeting, it is officially centred at Wisconsin Center and a limited number of speeches being staged at this place.

Selection of Delegates

When it comes to the selection of pledged delegates, the numbers of delegates are allotted across the 50 states of the nation, including Washington DC. These numbers are based on a ratio of votes received from every state to a Democratic candidate. The particular numbers of pledged candidates are allotted the US territories and Democrats living in other countries.

Health Protocols

As a result of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, some health protocols were introduced. For safety purposes, all the participants at the Wisconsin center are required to self-quarantine for at 72 hours before coming to the center and need to wear protective equipment. They will also undergo, Corona Virus testing each day, and will participate in the daily questionnaire, need to avoid going to restaurants, and has to follow guidelines assigned by the concerned authority.

What are participants saying?

During the event, Michelle Obama received a prime time slot to open the convention. She stated that Joe Biden (Another President Candidate)is a perfect man and knows the ways to bring up the economy after COVID-19, and lead the country while keeping the truth and believes in science. Whereas, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders backing the Biden by stating that people of the country should come together to defeat Donald Trump and choose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as next President and Vice-President. On the other hand, Trump accused Biden and his partner Harris for their crazy socialist policies. He further stated that his party would only lose these elections if it is rigged.

Final Words

In this DNC Convention review, we got to know who the major candidates are fighting for the upcoming election for the post of President and Vice-President. Members of both parties are trying to accuse some of the other things. The 59th Presidential election in the United-States is happing on November 3rd, 2020. According to the poll tracker, considering the present situation, Joe Biden, along with his partner Kamala Harris are way ahead of current President Donald Trump and his mate Mike Penace.

If you have any questions to ask about DNC convention reviews, do write to us or comment below.

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