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Does Mike Pence Have the Coronavirus {May 2020}

Does Mike Pence Have the Coronavirus {May 2020} >> Is US Vice President suffering from Coronavirus? Get to know about it in this article.

The biggest news that broke out is, Is Mike Pence Coronavirus Positive?

The question came out when it was reported that the United States’ vice president’s secretary was tested positive with Coronavirus the other day. She became the 2nd person in the White House to be suffering from Covid-19.

The citizens of the USA are waiting to know Does Mike Pence Have the Coronavirus or not?

If statements are to be believed, then the United State President Mr. Donald Trump has addressed the media that his vice president Mr. Mike Pence is well. As of now, there are no reports that can say that Mike is also tested as corona positive.

Several magazines and newspapers have digitally shared the doubts about Pence being affected by corona as his secretary is. But no official confirmation has come from his side yet.

Katie Miller is not only the secretary of America’s vice president but also holds some other positions in the White House. After she was tested positive, it was Pence whose test was conducted but is said to have been tested negative.

Is the US Vice President suffering from Coronavirus?

The moment people came to know about Katie Miller’s corona reports, netizens started asking questions if her boss, Mr. Vice President, is also corona positive or not. The President himself responded, saying that there is nothing to worry about as Mike is tested negative.

But the citizens are worried as this is the 2nd positive case in the White House. As per now, the tests that were conducted on Katie Miller were all reported as positive, and the tests conducted on Pence resulted in negative.

Till the current time, the US vice president is not tested positive for the Coronavirus.

It was on March 1st 2020, that the White House reported its first-ever positive corona case. The affected person was a staff person of the Vice President.

And now, when another case been reported positive, it also belongs to the person who works under the VP. With the regular check-up, the VP is tested every day, and till now, all of his reports are tested negative as per the official statements.

Who is Mike Pence?

Mike Pence is a 60-year-old vice president of the United States of America. He is also a lawyer by profession and is the 48th vice president of the States.

Pence holds different views on the LGBTQ community, sex education, abortion, and a lot more. It is clearly expressed through his thoughts that he is against all these. His political views are shaped according to his Christian beliefs, and he is considered to have extreme opinions of politics and administration.

Pence from a very young age was always diverted towards politics and was active in all the elections.

Who is Katie Miller?

Katherine Waldman Miller is a 25-year-old Press secretary and spokeswoman of the Vice President of the US, Mr. Pence. Katie is married to Trump’s senior advisor Mr. Stephen Miller. She became the press secretary of the vice president in October 2019 and got married to Miller in February 2020.

On May 8th, 2020, President Trump confirmed that Mrs. Miller was tested positive for Coronavirus, but except the vice president, she has not come in anyone’s contact.

Katie is very active on her social media and enjoys the following of more than 85 thousand followers on Twitter. She made a tweet thanking her followers for all the affection and care that her Twitterati followers showed on her. She mentioned that she is taking care of herself and looking forward to her excellent health.

Final Verdict

Many ministers are being affected by the COVID-19, and so are their secretaries and helps. Recently, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom recovered from the disease. Similarly, other such higher authorities have also suffered.

The first positive case in the White House was reported from the staff of the Vice President, and now the second case has also been reported positive from the Press Secretary of the vice president.

This raises the question if health has been given a priority in the White House at Washington or not. But as per the current situation, President Trump and the Vice President Pence both are checked daily to make sure that both of them are safe.

Do you think there is a lack of management in the health sector in the United States? Comment your views.






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