Does Shaq Own Forever 21 {July} Is It True Or Not?

Does Shaq Own Forever 21 {July} Is It True Or Not
Does Shaq Own Forever 21 {July} Is It True Or Not? >> Read Regarding The ownership of famous retailer store Forever 21 in this blog and get to know about companies owned by Shaq.
People of the United States are very well known to Shaq, a famous retired NBA player. This man, after his retirement, had started to earn by being an entrepreneur and an owner of few restaurants.

There must be a question Does Shaq Own Forever 21 in your thoughts. So if you are finding it difficult to get its answer here, we are up with the post that will clarify the question that you have in your mind, including who owns Forever 21.

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Who Is Shaq?

Shaquille O’ Neal is a famous retired player in the NBA history list. He had helped his team to get Olympic gold and NBA championship 

He retired in 2011 and became the NBA analyst, and got started doing business along with other people and companies. But Does Shaq Own Forever 21?

What Does Shaq Own?

Being retired since 2011, Shaq started earning by building its unique business platform and investing in every aspect from fast-food restaurants to modern tech gadgets.

Further, Shaq also invested in the food industry, and it’s reported that he owns a 40 fitness gym, 24-hour and car washes of around 150.

When he doesn’t sell  brand, he tries to promote his company products such as Shaq sneakers, Shaq suits, and Shaq jewelry, including his children’s book named little Shaq. 

He prominently got involved in the restaurant industry and bought Krispy Kreme in location Atlanta. He opened Southern Cuisine, the restaurant of his own.

Does Shaq Own Forever 21?

While exploring the achievement and ownership of famous NBA player Shaq, we didn’t see any mentions of Shaq owning a Forever 21 retail store. While he does have various other ownership and is expanding his business footprint 

In 2019 he came along with the director of papa john’s company and became its brand ambassador.

Who Owns Forever 21?

A few months back, around February 19, the news was issued stating the ownership of America’s fast-fashion retailer store, forever 21. 

It was announced that this store is owned by Simon property group and ABG. Both of them own 37.5 percent of the company, and Brookfield property partners own the rest 25 percent.

Does Shaq Own Forever 21? Most probably, the answer is no!

With the new move-in in February 2021, Brookfield, Simon, and ABG became the new ownership group of famous stores forever 21.

Forever 21 is a powerful and famous retailer brand with an excellent consumer reach and has a wealth of good potential.


Still, if you have any queries, do read Shaq’s Ownership

So, till now, the readers might have got the solution to the question Does Shaq Own Forever 21. You will get a clear understanding of the company and other businesses owned by Shaq. And indeed, nowhere we got to see Shaq Owning retailer store foreve 21.

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