Dog Silencer Max Reviews (January 2020) – Is It That Good?

Dog Silencer Max Reviews 2020

Dog Silencer Max Reviews (January 2020) – Is It That Good? -> This article talks about the advantages of DogSilencerMax any who will benefit from installing this device. It produces sounds that annoy dogs and keeps them quiet. The device is very helpful and can be controlled manually.

Human beings want to live in a peaceful neighborhood. We choose our houses and places to work keeping in mind the area and surroundings. Dogs are called a man’s best friend. We all love dogs in different shapes and sizes. They make us happy and feel loved. Having a pet dog is a desire we all secretly have. Studies have shown that people who have a dog in their house have a lower chance of falling prey to anxiety and depression. Their mental health is always at a high and they have increased empathy for animals in general.

However, just like anything else on this planet which have a pro and con, keeping a dog or having dogs in your neighborhood can also be a problem for many. Some pet dogs bark loudly at odd hours. The reasons can be many but mostly it’s random barking. Then there are street dogs that bark incessantly through the night. All this howling causes one to get disturbed in their daily life.

In the United States alone, about fifty percent of the population have dogs or have several dogs in their neighborhood. People in the states work for long hours and need their peace of mind when they are at home. This gets very difficult if there are barking dogs in and around the apartment. Hence, a lot of dog owners have bought Dog Silencer Max Reviews to control their dogs. They found it to be so effective that they recommended it to their friends and family. 

What is Dog Silencer Max?

Dog Silencer Max Reviews is a device designed to control and trains a dog. It comes with remote control and can be fit anywhere. It produces ultra-sonic sound waves to irritate your dog so that it stops barking. The sound has a long reach for three hundred feet and is inaudible to the human ear.

Who needs Dog Silencer Max?

Dog Silencer Max is for those who either have pet dogs of their own or have many in their surrounding areas. Sometimes dogs bark unnecessarily and that annoys people out of their mind. Also, it is very disturbing when someone’s life is constantly being interrupted by loud barks all the time. 

For people like that, this anti-barking device comes as a boon. 

Advantages of Dog Silencer Max

  1. It is simple to use and operate.
  2.  The device comes with remote control for you to operate it manually.
  3. When the dog is not barking, the device goes to a standby mode hence saving battery power. 
  4. The package comes with a holder. 
  5. You can choose a faceplate depending on where you want to install it to camouflage the device. 
  6. It is a harmless way to train dogs.

Technical Specifications of Dog Silencer Max

  1. It is made from a strong material which makes the device sturdy.
  2.  It produces an ultra-sonic sound that is below normal human hearing. 
  3. The sound wave reaches up to a distance of 300 feet.
  4.  It can detect barks from 75 feet distance. 
  5. It can withstand a thunderstorm and rain. 
  6. The dimensions of the device are 5.25” H x 4.25” W x 1.8” D. 
  7. The power source of this device is an AC Adapter with 6 AA” batteries which can last up to a few weeks.

How does Dog Silencer Max work?

The device works in a simple to understand way. Every time a dog barks, it sends out a high pitched ultrasonic sound that irritates the dog. It is similar to scratching a chalkboard with fingernails. As the dog stops barking, the sound is also stopped. In this way, dogs learn that if they bark they have to listen to the annoying sound. Over a few weeks, they stop barking.

How to use Dog Silencer Max?

Once you have installed the Dog Silencer Max in a suitable location, switch it on through the remote control. You must keep it on all the time. The remote has two buttons on the side to control the sensitivity of the sound produced. If you are looking to stop barks very far away you must set it at high sensitivity and vice versa. 

How is Dog Silencer Max better than its competitor?

Other anti-barking devices are limited to only one dog at a time. They come in the form of a collar or some device that needs to be attached to the dog. It is not always feasible and the problem of barking persists. The problem becomes bigger when your neighbor has a dog that barks all the time. It may often lead to confrontations with your neighbor.

However, in the case of Dog Silencer Max, you can install the device as per your convenience and without making people notice. It is far more effective and long-lasting.

Customer Reviews

Peter Marlo says, “I have a stressful job and need a peaceful night’s sleep. But in recent times there has been a bunch of street dogs in my neighborhood that disturbs my sleep. My wife got this Dog Silencer Max and I cannot thank her more. It stops the dogs from barking and drives them from here. My neighbors also sleep peacefully now.”  

Where can you buy Dog Silencer Max today?

If you are also frustrated with loud barks from dogs then you must order this device from the official website today. They have a massive discount for the first fifteen customers for the next forty-five days. They will also provide free shipping and have a refund policy.


Dog Silencer Max is making the news for all the right reasons. It is long-lasting and very effective in its working. The low price with a refund policy is a great way to maintain your sanity in the presence of loud barking dogs.

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