Donald Invincible (April 2011) Checkout The Story Here!

Donald Invincible (April 2011) Checkout The Story Here!

Donald Invincible (April 2011) Checkout The Story Here! >> The article is about an anime web series and its characters; please go through the same for more details.

We cannot imagine our childhood without cartoon characters. These characters are mere imaginations, but for many of us, these were our different worlds. Some of the most loved cartoon characters across the planet are Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse, and many others. But if anyone thinks that cartoons are only meant to entertain young boys and girls, they are completely wrong. Recently we have seen many anime series which are created for adult audiences. In this article of Donald Invincible, we will talk about one such United States-based anime series.


The animated series invincible is a famous animated superhero series. It is based upon the comical book written by Robert Kirkman. It was released on the online media streaming platform Amazon Prime Video on 26th March, 2021. Till now, seven seen episodes released have been released on the Platform. The people have loved the animated series, and it has got an 8.8 rating on the IMDB rating platform. 

And now, let us move on and have a look at the characters of this story.

Donald Invincible

The story roams around a teenager whose name is Mark Grayson. Mark though is a normal youngster, but his dad, Nolan, is not an normal person. Nolan is, infact, the most influential superhero on the earth. Steven Yeun has done the voice-over of the character Mark Grayson, and at the same time, J.K.Simmons has given the character Nolan his voice. There are a bunch of other talented artists who have given life to these anime characters with their voices. Donald Invincible, who plays the role of an agent of the Global Defence academy, has got his voice from Chris Diamantopoulous. 

There are other exciting characters in the show, such as Damien Darkblood, The Mauer Twins, etc. This article is not meant to spoil your fun, and hence we recommend you to go and watch this awesome series by yourself.

Final words

People across the United States are fond of Anime series, and now they have got their gift in the form of the Invincible series. The 8th episode of the series is yet to release, but you can check out the released ones and find about Donald Invincible and other characters. Please go and watch the show on .

Hope you will enjoy the series, and please tell us your favorite character in the comment section below.

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