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Doubleyourline Reviews {Oct} Know About The Website -> Learn about a visa card that allows customers to improve their credit rating within months.

Are you an avid user of bank cards? If so, then read on to learn about Merrick Bank Double Your Line Visa card. We stumbled upon various Doubleyourline reviews online and decided to share its info with our readers. 

Many users in the United States use various credit-lending services from the banks. That is why most of the top banks in the country keep coming up with new cards and offers. Today we’re sharing info about a Visa card by a bank that claims to help a person improve their credit score and increase the credit on the card in a short period. 

What is Double Your Line card?

The Double, Your Line visa card is from Merrick Bank. This bank card’s unique selling point of this bank card is that it lets users double their credit limit faster than most banks. According to the bank, customers who pay their bills on time for months are likely to qualify for this feature. 

Customers need to pay an annual fee of $70, along with other expenses. As per the bank, people with a credit score of 300 and above can apply for this card. 

Things to know about Double Your Line:

  • The Double, Your Line visa card is from Merrick Bank. 
  • Customers with bad credit history may also get this card.
  • It is also referred to as the Merrick Platinum card. 
  • Most Doubleyourline reviews we found are positive. 
  • The card lets customers rebuild their credit score. 
  • The bank offers a monthly FICO score for free with this card.
  • The bank raises the credit limit within 7 months for customers who make timely payments. 
  • The customer needs to pay an annual fee, one-time setup fee, and APR. 

Who’s this for?

Anyone can apply for this bank card. But, the customers with a bad credit score may benefit the most by using this card. This card helps users rebuild their bad credit score. Interested users can get in touch with the bank to learn more about the eligibility criteria for applying for this card. 

How does it work?

The Double your Line card helps users get a credit of a certain amount. If the user pays the monthly bills on time, then within the next seven months, the bank may increase the credit. This can also help a person improve his or her credit rating. Customer Feedback

There are plenty of Doubleyourline reviews online that paint a positive picture for the card. A lot of users share that they’re impressed with the bank. The users of the card who regularly paid their bills share that within a few months; the bank increased the credit limit. 


The bank card lets people with the credit rating of 300 get a credit of a certain amount. If the customer pays regularly, the bank further boosts the credit limit. 

Interested borrowers can take a look at the Doubleyourline reviews shared by the users online and decide whether they want to apply for this card. 

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