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Download Adulthood NA Scam {May} Read To Know More!

Check out this article and get to know the latest update on Download Adulthood NA Scam.

Are you into Afro music? Have you ever heard the song ‘Finesse’ by Pheelz? If not, you might be surprised to know that this song was leading Apple Music Chart back in 2016.

Many amazing Afro Nigerian music legends are famous and well established, like Tiwa Savage, Simi, Lola Rae etc. Lade, a Nigeria, Ghana based singer and songwriter, is also one. Keep scrolling to know more about Lade, her career and Download Adulthood NA Scam, her new track.

Why is it in the news?

The renowned and talented singer ‘Lade’ has released a new song. In the song, she speaks facts and truths related to growing up. One can say it is a song for those people who once looked forward to growing up.

Lade started trending after dropping this soundtrack. This tune is getting played several times on tiktok. You can install her song on many online platforms. The song can make you questions how far you have gone and how is the journey of growing up? You can easily vibe to this song and might also wish to be a kid again. 

Lade Adulthood NA Scam

While being a child, everyone wondered how things would be in future. Life will be easy as a grownup. The urge to get old as soon as possible and enjoy life like grownups appears fascinating.

However, many hearts were disappointed after facing the reality of life. Lade, with her song, did justice to explain the life of a grownup. She mentions how it’s all about earning 27/7, working hard, and growing up is a scam. She explained how it is all about make earn your living etc.

Download Adulthood NA Scam song whose part of lyrics mentioned above defines how you have to earn, work all the time, hustle hard, and still no one’s going to ask you if you ate and no free money you will get. 

Meet Lade, a popular Afro singer

Nigeria based songwriter and singer Lade is quite popular among her fans. Lade has sung songs like Hustle, Sing, Speechless, Corny, and Situationship, all released in 2021. Establishing her career in the music industry, Lade is one of the leading fast-rising female singers. 

She is quite well known for her popular cover songs. Her previous album, ‘Omolade’ had received great appreciation from her fans. Lade Adulthood NA Scam, her new music track after smashing hits like ‘Successful’ and ‘Hustle’, showcases her unmatched vocals. 

Final Verdict

Summing up, we can say that Lade, in her new soundtrack, clearly defines the life of a grownup and how much of a fool we were in our childhood. Being a grownup brings responsibilities that a kid never got to understand.  Lade emphasis on hardships a grownup has to go through. Overall, the lyrics are good, and the song as well. Listen to the song here.  

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