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Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews {Feb} Some Facts About Her

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews {Feb} Some Facts About Her -> Are you health conscious? This writing will give you full details about Health and Medicines.

You all know how important your Health is; vaccinations play a vital role and become a part of our family and the public. Vaccines protect us from getting infected and also build our body’s natural immunity. They eventually erase the disease.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews will give you all the information about the most trending news in the United States regarding her practice. So let’s move further and discuss this.

Who is Dr Sherri Tenpenny?

Dr Sherri, an Osteopathic Physician in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an experienced and more knowledgeable physician. She practices a combination of the holistic and conventional methods. She is well known for her Anti-vaccine campaign. In this article, you can read people’s views about Dr. Sherri.

What is the Background of Dr Sherri Tenpenny?

In Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews, you can read her views on vaccinations and people’s comments on her integrative, alternative medicinal practices.

She graduated with BA in 1980 from Toledo University. Later in 1984, in Missouri, she received a degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Kirkville College. Musculoskeletal disorders affect the other body parts, which she uses to treat with manipulative medicine and holistic method without using pharmaceutical drugs.

 Dr Sherri has written many books and seminars on many topics like Say No To Vaccines, Fowl- Bird Flu, It’s Not You Think.

 What makes Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews Controversial?

Dr Sherri says that parents should not go for vaccines just because of society’s force based on fear. She explains vaccines cause injuries like autism, asthma, auto-immune disorders, and ADHD. 

Vaccinations for smallpox, typhoid are the links to cause Spanish Influenza Pandemic in 1918, polio vaccine for a flu outbreak in 1954, and Hong Kong flu in1968.

 She says a unique training program is needed to educate physicians to spread awareness in public about anti-vaccination. As an activist, she has been criticized for endangering people’s Health and targeting parents.

Working of Dr. Sherri

Dr. Sherri is a member of the National Speaker’s Association. As per the Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews on her website and social media, there are statements about vaccinations and Bird flu, which was highly criticized, and people say that she doesn’t recognizably practice medicine, and if she calls herself an expert in vaccine preventable diseases, she should publish significant research.

By Dr Sherri Reviews, we know about her 37 years of experience in Allergy and Immunology, and she conducts Boot Camps where there are vaccine information and compensation programs. Her campaign on the adverse impact of vaccines has been recognized in the United States and international platforms. People appreciate her excellence in practice.

Final Verdict:

Here, in this article, we are talking about Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews, which has shown positive feedback from people on her educational portal.

What are your viewpoints on getting vaccination? Share your perspectives, indeed you can write in the comment box below.

0 thoughts on “Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reviews {Feb} Some Facts About Her

  1. Today’s generations have little or no idea of the scourges that were Smallpox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German Measles), Whooping Cough, and Poliomyelitis (Polio). These terrible diseases killed thousands/millions of children and adults worldwide and left many survivors with lifelong disabilities. Vaccines have almost wiped out these diseases and saved millions of lives. Why anyone would advocate against or choose not to protect their children is just way beyond my understanding. We put on extra clothing to protect ourselves from the cold in winter, we put on sunscreen to protect ourselves from sun-burn and skin cancer. Yet there are still those who refuse vaccinations. WHY??

  2. She is endangering lives and not giving the whole story. Her opinions are not straight medical facts. Make sure people that you read all the facts.. not just what she says.

  3. I have recently watched dr Sherri tenpenny on the awakening channel my husband and I really appreciate her view on this new Corvid poison, we don’t have flu vaccines at all we have perfectly healthy immune systems and we now find ourselves in a terrible predicament here in the uk, we don’t want the vaccine and, neither do our grown children. Is there anything we can say to our general practitioner in regards to saying no, they are already ringing us to attend the surgery for the first dose.
    With kind regards

  4. First impression…….don’t believe anything because poorly written. Author is either dumb or does not have a working knowledge of English or both. First rule ….. if you want to command respect and be believed you must be able to communicate your ideas well and in good English. Second the small little video didn’t tell me anything I couldn’t look up myself . Why did I have to listen to someone in broken English explain critics and a Wikipedia page to me. I’m not going to subscribe or click like. Third why am I even leaving a comment? This internet sucks now and is full of crazies that push lies and deception. That’s the problem with internet and social media…….anyone can play. At least before in the 20th century the crazies didn’t have a voice and thank god for that.

  5. Another reporter who gets paid big money just to say anything. The last vaccine I had was 32 years ago and it made me very sick for a week. I never had a flu shot and have been fine. Your immune system is capable of working on its own providing that you take care of it with good nutrition and high quality supplements. I’m surprised how many people for instance eating junk food thinking that does not make them sick. Truth is it does. I’m not against people making their own decisions but if I find a better scientifically proven option that does not involve vaccines with no side effects then I take that route. People need to stop judging those who find better paths. I admire anyone with motivation for knowledge. Not for gossips that make up things as they go along.

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