Dramacool com True Beauty (Dec) Experience Some Love

Dramacool com True Beauty

Dramacool com True Beauty (Dec) Experience Some Love -> Get some electrifying and gripping experience on

Do you love watching romantic movies? Are you frequently searching for Dramacool com True Beauty? Today we will introduce you all to the love story to experience love with a pinch of fun. 

After scrolling through this article, you will know about every aspect of this website, which has a significant market share in the United States.

What do you mean by DramaCool?

Dramacool is an online website that proffers a variety of dramas to watch. It is one of the leading Asian drama websites. You can enjoy various linguistical dramas on it like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese drama. 

The English subtitles accompany every drama on this website, and you can download them for free. This website won’t hinder your enjoyment with annoying ads, and it’s a user-friendly website.

What is Dramacool com True Beauty?

True beauty is a passionate South Korean love story with a pinch of comedy on the Dramacool website, directed by Kim Sang Hyub, and gained immense fame, especially in the United States.

The story is about a pretty girl who always put on beautiful makeup and is admired by everyone but dies soon. Her love story with a boy who saw her without makeup and the rest is a mystery. 


  • Country: It is a South Korean Drama
  • Duration: 1hr 10min
  • Type:  drama
  • Aired on the networks: It is aired on 9 Dec 2020, on
  • No. of episodes: 16 episodes.

What are the viewer’s feedback? 

After searching for Dramacool com True Beauty, viewers find the drama, which was very interesting and exciting. They loved the drama that how the comedy is accompanying a love story. They found the drama very engaging.

However, it’s been a few days since the drama’s release, and viewers are still increasing. They are showing immense love to all the protagonist and find worth watching it. 

They even recommend others to watch it as well. They found the drama commendable with minimal flaws. 

Final verdict

True Beauty is a drama that is available on the website DramaCool. This drama holds the people’s attention due to its epic love story with comedy as a cherry on its top. 

Searching for Dramacool com True Beauty will take you to the most demanded drama sequence for sure. It is a South Korean show which is directed by the most elite director. It is a brand new addition to your list as it is aired in December itself. It has a few significant episodes. 

The viewers find it worthy of watching the whole series as it’s a perfect solution to use your leisure time and scored the drama for  8.7 on internet.. This website not only presents you with True beauty but also offers various dramas in different languages like Chinese or Japenese. 

I suggest you take a chance and go ahead with the drama and make sure you do not forget to mention your experience in the comments below.

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