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Duel Links Banlist 2021 {Feb 2021} Read About Game List!

Duel Links Banlist 2021 {Feb 2021} Read About Game List! >> Would you like to experience a dueling game through decks? If yes, then read more about it here.

Are you all inspecting for Duel Links Banlist 2021? If yes, then curb through this article and check our reports to learn which decks have been; forbidden to use.

Furthermore, it has been; encountered that lot of gamers from the United States & worldwide are die-hard fans of this game and use to enjoy this game a lot.

This game is all about dueling but in a wholly unique way! It is like a Duel world flooded with card-duelists who are eager to win the battles at any cost. So readers! Without further ado, let’s scrap more details about this pastime.

What are Duel Links?

As per the reports on Duel Links Banlist 2021It is a digital collectible free-to-play card-duelist game published and developed by Konami Digital Environment and released officially for worldwide gamers on January 11, 2017.

It is contingent on an exchanging card pastime animated series titled Yu-Gi-Oh! It is suitable for all platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOs. 

Furthermore, this video-gaming feature casts from the Yu-Gi-Oh beasts anime. Besides, gamers can play as either Seto Kaiba or Yami Yugi; moreover, as they win duels and level up their game, more avatars are unhitched.

More information:

  • This pastime is home to various powerful decks useful to turn the wave of any fight in the animated duelists’ world, as studied in Duel Links Banlist 2021 Reports.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh (a Japanese word whose meaning is King of Games) is an anime and manga TV series written by Kazuki Takahashi.
  • Moving back to the game, as contingent to the series, in this game also; gamers use decks to duel against each other in a mock/ animated battle of mythical monsters.
  • Some of the most favored/ picked up & best decks used by gamers in tournaments/ duels are Shiranui, Invoked Elementsabers, Cyber Dragon, Dark Magician, Blackwings, etc.

However, some decks have been; banned by the publishers, and users may no longer be able; to use those cards. 

Moreover, check out the list of barred cards below.

Duel Links Banlist 2021

  • Bamboo Scrap
  • Rose Lover
  • Ms. Judge
  • Amazoness Onslaught
  • Head Judging

The above defined is the list of forbidden decks, which implies that players cannot use any of the above cards while playing the game.

Players’ Reviews

The specified game is so much famous and played by billions of players. Scroll to check how gamers rated it:

Numerous folks around the United States stated that playing this game was fun and rated it with five stars.

However, some folks reported that they found it ridiculously tedious, and there are constantly too many pop-ups and ads, which is quite frustrating.

The End of Duel Links Banlist 2021 Reports

In the end, we concluded that in this video game, cards are; marked with Limited 1 and Limited 2 (means the players can use only 1 / 2 card from the group).

Moreover, this game has secured 4.4 stars over the Google store that indicates players love and fancy this pastime.

Have you ever played this pastime? Which is your favorite deck? How was your gaming experience? Don’t forget to put your words down in the comment section.

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