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Duriania Coins Reviews (Mar) Is This A Reliable Product?

Duriania Coins Reviews (Mar) Is This A Reliable Product? >>This article is about the legitimacy of an antique product that is dealing with a particular website. Explore to know more.

Love for the glorious history should be passionate if you can touch the history in your own hands. As per the Duriania Coins Reviews, these coins are that kind of supreme pleasure for those who love buying antiques.

If your loved one is in love with these kinds of things, sending them American coins is the best option. Also, you can buy it for your collection. In the United States, a significant number of people are in love with their forgotten history, and they want to recall if from the valuable coins.

Since you are shopping for your loved one or the first-time buyer from this website, you must go through the article to come across a varied detail of the product and the services.

What Is Duriania Coins?

The American Silver Eagle embalms the official silver bullion coin of the United States. It has made the perfect platform for the US mint that marks the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of WWII.

The Duriania Coins Reviews says that the coins you will get here are between spring and summer of 1945. That was when the world saw hostilities that come both in the European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

Specification Of Duriania Coins:

    • Mint Mark: W – West Point
    • The purity of the coins: o.999
    • Manufacturer: US Mint
    • The thickness of the coins: 2.98 mm
    • Diameter: 40.6 mm
    • Condition: approved by US Govt.
    • Face Value: $1
    • Issuing Country: United States
    • Series End of WWII 75th Anniversary
    • Packaging Type: Presentation Packaging
    • Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
  • Shipping: Free Shipping on ordering on or above $199 (as per Duriania Coins Reviews)

What Are The Pros Of The Duriania Coins?

  • All coins are available within a capsule presentation case that has been certified by the US Mint.
  • A certificate that declares the coins are authentic and antic is attached with the box.
  • 34th release of Proof American Silver Eagle Coins
  • A special WWII 75th Anniversary Pricy Mark is attached.
  • A limited mintage of 800 coins is available.
  • The box contains one Troy Oz of .999, made of pure silver.
  • The US government backs the face value of $1 (USD).
  • It includes a W mint mark from the West Point Mint, the United States.

What Are The Cons Of The Duriania Coins?

  • The age of the coins is not determined.
  • No positive Reviews come from anywhere.
  • The website is critical to find the product.

Is Duriania Coins Legit?

To clear out the fact is the website is legit or not is very much important. Our experts have gone through several market surveys to get the point. 

As per them, this is a very new product that was set up in 2021. Also, more than 50% of contents are plagiarized and rest 50% was full of clutter. The non-professional look of the website indicates that it could be a scam. 

Coming to the popularity and clarity, there is no plausible review posting sites along with Trustpilot talks about the website or the product. It seems that buyers are not aware of this product.

To know more about the coins, keep reading.

What Do Duriania Coins Reviews Say About It?

We are very sorry to say that no review posting site is talking about these coins. Also, social media has no hum on the product. Finding on Facebook, we get these images from some scam page.

Plus, the website itself does not give the buyers a chance to say something about their feeling. So, the website review is also missing.

The Final Verdict:

Lastly, the time has come to define Is Duriania Coins Legit or not. As the experts and their online analytical tool say, the web site’s domain age is missing or showing it is a new website that indicates it is a scam. Most of the images and the texts of the website are plagiarized, copying from other sites.

Reviews are not authentic. So, the lack of positive review on these coins makes this product quite risky and unreal. The lack of concern about the product makes buyers confused.

Finally, we recommend the product as a prospected scam, so do not suggest our reader buy it from this website.

Have you any experience with the product or the website? Feel free to share your views in the comment box below about Duriania Coins Reviews.

0 thoughts on “Duriania Coins Reviews (Mar) Is This A Reliable Product?

  1. I made a purchase of the 1oz West Point Silver Eagle dollar and have yet to receive it (1 month, 400 miles away, supposedly). The main issue is that I know that they are counterfeit. The Eagle on the reverse has no veins in its feathers and there are three other abnormalities that prove it. For the price, I wanted to add a fairly good joke to my collection, or leave it laying out somewhere for an idiot to think the hit gold (or Silver in this case). Do yourself a favor and assume that they are all fakes. Tanner

  2. Because of the lack of delivery and proof of counterfeiting, in my case, it is likely they will use your information to rob you blind.

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