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Dwayne Johnson Half Siblings {July 2022} Know The Facts!

Kindly read below the article and find out about Dwayne Johnson Half Siblingswho have been trending on the internet.

Do you know about the famous Hollywood celebrity Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock? In a recently released article, folks discovered that Dwayne has 5 other half-siblings. Not every day do you discover five strangers who don’t even know have turned out to be your half-siblings! 

The same case has happened with The Rock. The people of the United States loved Dwayne Johnson. Let’s get into details further to find out the whole case about Dwayne Johnson Half Siblings. Follow the article to know more. 

How many half-siblings does Dwayne Johnson have? 

Until now, Dwayne had two siblings, Curtis Bowels and Wanda Bowels, but not too long ago, a girl called Lisa gave an interview to one of the leading media. Per the statement of Lisa Purves, who has claimed to be Dwayne’s sister, she confirmed herself as his half-sister through a DNA test. 

Other than that, Paula Parsons, Adrian Bowles, Trevor Edwards, and Fowler Aaron have also been confirmed as half brothers and sisters of Dwayne through the same process. 

Dwayne Johnson Half Siblings

According to recent reports, it has been found out by the world that Rock has five half-siblings who he did not know. Lisa seemed heartbroken and said that their father did not want them. Along with the fact that she is the half of Rock, it is also stated that Dwayne was not at fault here. 

What were the words of Lisa Purves and his other half-siblings? 

Lisa has said that she tried to reach her father, Rocky Johnson, who is Dwayne’s father also at 18, but he denied accepting Dwayne Johnson Half Siblings. Afterward, the news of his demise came out on 15th January 2020. 

Until his last time, he did not accept them as his children. Lisa also said she did not blame Rock for any of their father’s decisions.

About Dwayne Johnson in brief 

Dwayne Johnson, also called The Rock, is a very famous personality in the Hollywood industry. He was born in California on 2nd May 1972. He is an actor by profession and a former wrestler in WWE. His father was Rocky Johnson. 

Why is The Rock in the limelight nowadays? 

It was quite a buzz on the internet when Dwayne Johnson Half Siblings came out as his siblings after the procedure of DNA test. As soon as his claimed half-sister gave an interview to the tabloids, it spread like wildfire all across. All social media platforms became filled with folk’s curiosity and opinions. 

Note: All information contained in the article is based on internet research.

Final summary 

People are commenting and sharing their thoughts and feelings on social media platforms. It’s a surprise for Rock since he does not know anything about it either. Moreover, to get more updates, click here.

What are your thoughts on Dwayne Johnson Half Siblings? If you find out more, comment below and share this article with others.

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