Dyson V11 Vs V15 {June} Check All The Details Below!

Dyson V11 Vs V15 2021

Dyson V11 Vs V15 {June} Check All The Details Below!>> Please check all the details below to know about cleaning technology. Check the comparison below about both the vacuums.

Do you want that your home and floor get a clean look? Do you want to know about Dyson V11 Vs V15? If yes, then you have landed on the right article. This article contains all the details about the best ever built vacuums that are Dyson V11 and Dyson V15. This article will judge you for the comparison of these models that breaks to discover the model ewhi0ch will be best for you to use. These vacuums are very famous in the Canada.

 Let us know about the comparison between the two as per the performance and other aspects too in thus article only. 

About Dyson V11

Check Dyson V11 Vs V15; further on this article. Dyson V11 basically uses cyclone design to create fade-free suction power and to clean more smoothly. The price is about rs.52800 in India. It is cord free vacuum cleaner with free convenience and unmatched versatility to transform the way of cleaning. 

About Dyson V15

Dyson V15 also uses cyclone design to create fade-free suction power and to clean more smoothly. Dyson V15 detects complete counts and measures the size of dust particles, also by automatically adapting the suction power. Is has sealed HEPA filtration and scientific LED display. 

Both these vacuums use two tier system for better results. Both these vacuums have most demand in the Canada.

Cleaning performance: Dyson V11 Vs V15

As per the test for checking the cleaning performance as per an article it has been noticed that following comparisons were made from the both the vacuums. As per the Hardwood test, Dyson V11 is 100% and on the other side, for Dyson V15 is 99%. The overall cleaning scores of V11 and V15 are 99% and 99% respectively. Basically there are three different cleaning modes that one can run for each vacuum that are Eco, Auto and Boost. All these modes work as per the requirement and the speed being set as per the user. 

Similarities and differences Dyson V11 Vs V15

Following were the various similarities between the Dyson V11 and Dyson V15:


  • Trigger off/on system.
  • Washable filters. 
  • Sixty minutes run time. 
  • Click in battery facility.
  • Quick release attachment system.


  • Cleaning heads.
  • Suction power.
  • Sensor.
  • Displays.


As per the above information, it can be said as the final verdict that the Dyson V11 had identical performance to the V15 that give a clean hardwood floors and low pile carpets and also high pile carpet. Indeed, even on the hardwood floors, the High Force cleaner head had the option to get over the highest point of genuine and try not to indulgence lighter flotsam and jetsam over the path. The RPM equates to some stronger consistent, and an efficient dusting performance. The overall usability of Dyson V11 Vs V15 vacuums are similar but there are some key differences too as mentioned above.

What are your views about both these vacuums? Comment below in the comments section your views. For more details, please click on the link below:

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