Eab Scam {March 2022} Know About The Fake Advertisements

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This article aims to protect you from Eab Scam through the guidelines and much more related information.    

Are you interested in E-commerce strategies? Do you like to get indulged in part-time jobs and vacancies for the same popping up on your screens? If so, this must be a scam that is becoming controversial in Singapore specifically. 

It is a slick move of scammers to dupe the public by proposing fake jobs. It is happening through fake FB posts and WhatsApp statements from foreign numbers. 

Are you worrying over this Eab Scam? Don’t do so as we are here to sort this issue out through this article-

Are Eab Job Advertisements Fake or Legit? 

These job advertisements are 100% unnatural and even destructive for people. Firstly, these jobs are incredibly relaxed where minimal endeavours are expected. This is the worst and most questionable part of any job. 

Furthermore, an eCommerce outlet commodity connection is delivered to the preys. Moreover, they are authorized to give a screenshot of the element in their shopping carriage. The victims are compelled to make the expense only, which is fraud and uncertain.

How are Scammers Carrying Out Eab Scam

Scammers manipulate social media platforms to mislead people. For example, they offer a part-time job with an ordinary income between S$300 to S$500. To win the confidence of victims, they provide a contact number also. 

When the preys touch that number, scammers clarify the business and ask for some advance investments. Then, victims are convinced of the reimbursement with a supplementary 10% commission.

After that, victims become entangled when they send the cash. The same procedure would be reiterated at various junctures, even more costly items. In the Eab Scam, victims turn out to be fooled when there’s no refund and commission, and the scammers are uncontactable. 

Pieces of Advice by the Administration-

  • The police department requested people not to ratify improbable job requests that require lucrative rescues for minor actions. 
  • Forgo making advance expenses to the dealer and always finish your investment on the e-commerce strategy itself. This technique does not require any safety.
  • Never share your bank summary features with anyone. Your account and compacts related to this is your obligation. 
  • If you feel something dubious and incorrect, kindly reach the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 for Eab Scam or relinquish the summary online at
  • And, for additional evidence on scams, one can visit or phone the anti-scam hotline at 1800-722-6688.

Why is this Scam Trending? 

There’s trending news of a duped woman circulating, which fires this scam news. The information is about a Singapore dweller woman attracted by a $2 payout and forfeited over $70,000 in an employment fraud.

All it took was a limited click to carry out this job, but these straightforward strides affected her to lose more than $70,000 in three days the previous month.


As a final verdict, the Eab Scam has spread like wildfire everywhere in recent times. Police have warned people to take care of everything before going for any part-time online jobs. They asked people not to fall for comfortable jobs and fake advertisements on social media platforms. 

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