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Early [July] Is It Real or a Scam Site?

Early [July] Is It Real or a Scam Site? -> This article will help you get some good reasons to use one of the best sites to get the AP score from the College Board server.

Running out of time, geeks? It would help if you needed a net surfing element that gets all your account information at your hand in no time. 

Early Scores is one of those most popular websites where you get all the valid information that you want.

Browsing on the Early is the safest easiest way to get your AP Score earlier than others. With the website’s help, every student in the United States can log in to the particular College Board account with the valid username and password. 

This is entirely safe because the website does not save any personal information of the users.

What is Early Scores .com?

Early is one of the must browse sites for the students who want to get compact information about a college website and all other facts related to their education, score, and additional detail. 

Logging in to the website, you will get all College Board websites this small browser packed site Early Score.

What are the safety tools of Early Scores .com?

This website is providing world-class safety from the last five years. Over time, they have brought up robust and multilayered safety protection for their users. The protections that they have maintained are as follows:

The first layer of safety:

Looking at the website’s history, you can see that the site was started with few friends who wanted to check their AP scores early. As students, the website’s founder members never wanted to leak out their personal information to any website. 

They maintain the first security so strongly that despite logging into the website, there is no personal information store on the website. All your details are forgotten as soon as you log out of the site. The website is built so well that you do not need to save any information related to the score.

As more students start using the Early, the founders keep focusing on the safety part and keep updating the site day by day. Even the username and the passwords cannot be saved on the website.

Early Score proxy:

It is a little more “sketchy” to enter the particular College Board account information. 

The founders provide you with free-to-use proxy service, which allows the students to the negative directly to the College Board website in the particular browser to get the scores early.

The founders and the users admit that there is no safer and better way to use the web proxy to check the College Board scores.

What are the Three Steps for Early Score Success?

  1. First, log in to your account on the website of the College Board AP account. Next, you have to put your username and password and additional information related to the score check.
  2. Try to log in to your College Board account here on this website. This ensures you to note the correct password and know how to log in this website.
  3. You have to wait for a few moments after logging in to the website. You have to remember that the College Board servers are not made of God; it is stuffed with lots of information. Therefore, do not be hurry while checking the site.

What are the additional score tips to Early

  • Students who send their email their responses to the examinations may not get the scores.’
  • Students who have taken their exception tests will not have their scores always.
  • Receiving “Code” instead of the test score may be delayed and will have to wait.
  • If someone forgets his or her username or password on the date of the score release, they can reset their username and password. 
  • The website is not responsible for reading, grading, or determining the curve on the AP tests. They relay the scores that the student provides.
  • Getting the alternative way to get the AP score is very easy with the help of the Early Scores proxy site.

Why Early is unique?

Secure: The website never saves or stores your information on the College Board account that you need to put into getting the AP score. All the data are encrypted as well as transferred safely.

Trustworthy: The website is reliable and used by more than one million students over the nation as it is the safest place to have the AP score before time.

Accurate: You will get your scores directly from the College Board server, and all of the scores are 100% accurate.

What do students say about the website?

This is one of the overwhelmed websites for contemporary students. For five years, college students have full faith on the website while it is about the accurate AP score before time. 

The safety policies of the website are one of the reasons to make it trustworthy.


By the end of all descriptions, we can conclude that it is one of the right sites for the students who want their AP scores from the College Board server before the due date.

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