Easy Digest Supplement Review [Sep] Is It Safe To buy?

Easy Digest Supplement Review 2020

Easy Digest Supplement Review [March] Is It Safe To buy? -> The product is a digestive aid supplement made up of fennel, caraway, and artichoke and is available in the form of tablets.

We all know that ” Health is Wealth”, but still, people are suffering from so many health conditions due to t various reasons. In today’s time, more than 60% of people are facing digestion problems. You should know that multiple digestion problems or health problems that are left untreated can cause severe diseases.

If you are the one who is surrounded by stomach heaviness problems, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will get to know about Easy Digest Supplement.

The ultimate supplement is gaining popularity in so many countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Please stick with Easy Digest Reviews and read it till the end to learn more about it.

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What is Easy Digest Supplement all about?

It is a health supplement for good digestive system that is curated from fennel and caraway along with an artichant base.

Easy Digest Supplement is a wondrous thing intended to help people dealing with bloating and digestion issues daily. Taking just one tablet of it after the main meals or as needed might help ease the stomach’s bloating.

Easy Digest Supplement Reviews are not much on the internet, but the similar product is being sold on prominent websites like Amazon, and the rating there are not much impressive.

It is a product made by ORTIS Laboratories, and its entire composition consists of vegetarian products. This supplement appears to be the right formula in the form of Dr Perez Easy Digest.

Specifications about Easy Digest Supplement:

  • Type of product: These tablets provide quick relief for any stomach digestion issues.
  • Manufacturer: ORTIS Laboratories.
  • Packing: It is available in the form of 18 tablets per pack.
  • Ingredients: 100% vegetarian products like fennel, caraway, and artichoke.

Pros about taking Easy Digest Supplement:

Before making any decision or online purchase, it is crucial to know the benefits of a particular product. So, here is the list of extraordinary benefits of Easy Digest Supplement.

  • The Dr Raphael Perez Gut Solution is a quick relief for all sorts of stomach heaviness caused by digestion troubles.
  • It is a completely vegetarian product.
  • It is available in an easy to carry packing of 18 tablets per pack available at a very genuine price.
  • The easy digest supplement tablet helps in eradicating the constipation problem.
  • It also helps in removing flatulence.
  • It is well-known for increasing digestive heat.
  • It also increases vitality and strengthens the movements of the intestine.
  • Consumption of this supplement results in weight loss.
  • It also helps in removing bad breath.
  • It helps in removing excess phlegm in the body.

Cons about taking Easy Digest Supplement:

  • Easy Digest Supplement results cannot be guaranteed in any way.
  • There are not many Easy Digest Reviews available online, so its genuine or popularity has no base as of now.
  • It is always best to consult the physician before planning to take any OTCs, and even the pack does not impart much about its contraindications.

Is Easy Digest Supplement a Legit tablet to buy or not?

Easy Digest Supplement details are not enough to provide clarity over its effects as we are not able to find any reviews.

As per the formula of the product, it looks safe and effective things in its composition. But still, the overall effect and how much time it does take to show effects cannot be confirmed.

Dr Perez Easy Digest Formula increases metabolic heat and helps enhance the entire body functions involved in the digestion process.

The product does have an impact as a digesting aid, but it might vary from one individual to another. So the product is a real one though its efficacy is hard to promise even after in-depth research until one tries it out.

We suggest our readers to wait for while or go with other better option available in the market that has authentic reviews and market repo.

What do customers talk about Easy Digest Supplement?

We all know that customer reviews or feedback plays a crucial role in defining a product’s authenticity.

Let’s check out the Dr Raphael Perez Reviews about this supplement.

When it comes to the Easy digest supplement reviews, there are no reviews available on the official page or website. According to the in-depth research and study, we have found no reviews about Easy Digest Supplement on the internet and other social media platforms.

This product is not getting instant and good responses from the customer’s side, though it seems legit as it is an ideal supplement for vegetarians.

It probably acts differently on everyone as per the real root cause or any other disease or other variant triggers. Nothing much is provided in specific about its variant action. But it is always best to consult a physician before switching even on other over the counter medications.

Final verdict

Easy Digest Dr Perez formula is a lot in the hype, but the product’s real efficacy and results cannot be guaranteed due to its mixed reviews available.

Easy Digest Supplement is available in the form of easy to consume tablets and is available with ease over many leading websites online. This was the unbiased review of easy digest supplement product, and it totally depends on individual’s health. So never consume this supplement without taking a prescription.

Easy Digest Supplement Reviews might be mixed, but it still indicates that the product does work for some, so until tried, one might not be able to figure out if it will work or not.

Based on the research, we highly recommend you to explore the complete information of this product before making any online purchase.


  1. Dr Raphael Perez isn’t a fraudster, he like so many ‘pioneers of new Secrets’ is basically just re-wording ‘LEAKY GUT’
    I suffered from chronic Eczema from age 32 for 8 years. My life was destroyed and after nearly a decade of ‘managing my condition’ and spending years learning about my body, I fixed it. I had ‘Leaky Gut’.
    I used L-Glutamine, an amino acid. It cost me about ten GBP, I took 5mg once a day. I also ate a very balanced diet, with no processed food. No Alcohol, No Diary and no Soya. Yes I used a quality Probiotic/Prebiotic supplement and exercised and drank lots of clean water.
    After 8 years I was/am completely cured within 8 weeks. that was years ago with no repeat flare-ups.
    Knowledge is power so make your gut your hobby. Learn everything you can and remember that fraud is rife in the health Industry.
    I will say this for ‘Dr Perez’… charging 200dollars for some herbs is extortion. He like so many ‘experts’ will always take advantage of lazy people.
    You only have one life so forget the TV and spend some time learning about how your body works.

    1. Suffice to read the articles supporting the video listen to his ingredients and agree a clean lifestyle plus lglutamine as major.?.
      Clean air Walks and spring water.
      Regarding that pseudo face and voice well …his energy field can be located and a wish could be stuck to that! Hehe…do to fall for heart bleading stories and nlp repeating messages even they stroke a cord!

  2. I want to gain weight, not lose it. There is nothing suggested to take any other supplements if available. Not sure on this . Thx . M

    1. Hi Ben. I have found your opinion really useful with reference to Dr Perez’s product!!
      However I would like for you to share if you can more information on the products you have been taking and also if it is necessary to cut out dairy etc.. in order to heal the gut? I too feel that the secret to optimum health is having a balanced healthy digestive system, but unfortunately our diets have only become more processed and filled with nutrient deficient calories!! If you could share some more tips on how you healed yourself and alternatives to the usual foodstuffs available? That would be much appreciated? Kind regards Mrs S Iftkhar

  3. Having read comments on website i am worried about taking these things. they cost a lot of money and might take it to the media if all they say is true. I have had nothing but loose bowels and cramps since i started taking them. Try and connect with digest who supplied them but dont hold much help or a reply. Struggle with IBS

  4. Well my post saying I had checked the list of contents and there are research papers to say they should affect the gut is not on show now. I checked before ordering and have a degree in Evidence based medicine from Oxford. I am going to try them for six months as my symptoms match what Dr Perez says these should work for. so far so good. I ordered about 4 days ago and this morning, despite the Christmas rush a parcel f 6 bottles arrived on my doorstep as ordered. Each contained 90 capsules so at 3 a day, which we are told to take, that is a 6 month supply. Only the amount stated has been taken from my paypal.
    The bottles are clearly marked with all the ingredients and the amount of each one in a capsule. so far no scam. I got exactly what I ordered. I will report back on whether they have an effect. However I have studied a certificate in the human microbiome and read Dr Tim Spectors work but so far my attempts to improve my gut bacteria with probitics have not worked. I will say after a while whether this works.

    1. Hi I’m really interested in this produce and Really interested to know how your getting on? Could you update us please?

    2. Hi Julia, thank you for your review… It’s about 6 weeks since you’ve started taking Easy Digest – how are you feeling now? Are you observing any improvement in your condition? I’ve just ordered my six-months supply and will give it a goo, just like yourself. I shall report back here after a few weeks of the treatment.

    3. Julia, I am interested in buying Easy Digest. Can you let me know how it’s going so far for you? Have you lost weight and how do you feel? Have you had any contraindications? Camilla

    4. Hi Julia,
      Hope you are well !
      Just wondering after 2 months since your last post (Dec 15, 2020) what your feedback on Easy Digest is now ?

    5. Julia, surely with a degree in evidence-based medicine you would be more interested in analysis of the capsules and whether they contain what they claim, rather that whether they had arrived on time. I have seen comments from Julia on other sites and no response as on this site. This is clearly a scam. DON’T RISK BUYING – THEY COULD CONTAIN ANYTHING.

      1. Hi Patricia! Thank you for sharing the response. Our post has also said that supplements shall be taken only with the advise of regular practitioner. As many supplements are good for health but medical advise is always necessary prior to shop them. Stay safe.

  5. Can I ask where easy digest is purchased from. I purchased it from a gut solution website after the whole presentation. Not email confirmation came after my purchase, no one is answering the customer service line. Oh and top it off I have been scammed with money being used from my credit card day after this purchase. I’m very confused.

  6. There is one probiotic that actually helps digestive problems substantially and thus many health problems. It worked for me and has a long history of working since it was discovered in 1917 by a Dr Nissle from Germany. Look it up on the net-easier than me telling all about it and also more convincing. It is available at many Compounding pharmacies worldwide without a script- about a dollar each but it establishes itself so only needs to be taken for a while at a time. It is a good E Coli strain that controls pathogenic probiotics. Discovered in the bowels of healthy soldiers in the trenches but not in the sick soldiers-it needs refrigeration so posting by mail is not a good idea

  7. I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have had some treatment at the Christie hospital in Manchester. I have been under a lot of stress and should never have ordered these products from you.

  8. Hi Julia

    It’s been two months since you started taking the supplements, are you able to provide an update on your progress?Thank you.

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