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The article has explained a web browser Ecosia App Download. Read the article to find out more.

What is Ecosia? Is this an application? What is it about? If you are looking for questions to these answers, continue reading. 

There are hundreds of browser applications present on the web. Many such browsing applications are very useful, but people from the Philippines or worldwide do not even know about these. Here in this article, we will discuss details about one such application Ecosia App Download.

Ecosia Application And Installing Details

Ecosia is a web search engine Launched in 2009, and the Berlin-based company has planted over 47 million trees to date. In addition to its charitable work, Ecosia has also been praised for its data privacy policies. The company does not store IP addresses, user agents, or search terms, and it deletes all user data after six months.

Users can easily install this application through the Google Play Store and Apple store. The application is present on Softsonic for installing purposes. 

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Is Ecosia Legit?

Let us see some points to understand the legitimacy of this browser.

  • Trust Score: The browser’s website has an excellent 99% trust score.
  • Domain Creation Date: The web domain was created on 4th October 2009.

Now, let’s discuss the browser.

  • Some people claim on the internet that they haven’t plated as many trees as they claim to.
  • Some searches they are providing misleading results and information about the searched keyword. 
  • But on the other hand, they have planted millions of trees under their reforestation projects.

Claims Of Ecosia App Download

For every 45 searches, Ecosia plants a tree. They have already planted over 4 million trees, working hard to plant 1 billion more. They plant trees, but they are also a privacy-conscious company. Ecosia does not track you or sell your data. 

They even went as far as to create an app that blocks ad trackers on your device if you’re looking for a search engine that donates 80% of its profits from advertising to tree-planting initiatives worldwide.

Now to know more about Is Ecosia Safe? Read here.

Safety Points

This web browser can be trusted as per the data collected through online sources. They have very transparent policies for everything. And they also keep safe the users’ details and their search history.

They also have a great sense of accountability as they provide the exact number of trees planted till now. These are some of the intriguing factors that have attracted users from all around the world. They have a huge project to afforest the barren or deserted regions in different parts of the world.


To sum up, the whole article, we can say that Ecosia App Download looks like a good alternative, and the silver lining is that our searches would contribute to the environment. Nothing can be better than that. This feature has attracted many users over the period.

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