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Eczebrok Reviews[July] Scam or a Legit One?

Eczebrok Reviews[July] Scam or a Legit One? -> The high-end trading merchandise e-commerce market for you to provide the best quality services!

Is this website safe to purchase products? We receive so many online shopping fraud complaints daily. Sometimes, it is easy to identify a scan website from the authentic ones. This Eczebrok Reviews will help you answer if a scam or not. 

You can easily attain all the information regarding the safety parameters that you must consider before making the final purchase. The company’s headquarters are based out of the United States

Many times, it may be full of all the trendy layouts, products, the look and feel of the website that speak volumes. But there is something that will point everything ‘feel off’! Wondering what is that? Let’s dive in!

What is

It is a high-end customer service trading website. It is a wholesale B2C platform. The company claims to tailor customized solutions for customers. If we talk about the ‘About Us’ section, it seems vague with no standard formatting. One cannot find any legitimate information about the owner of the company on this website.

Take a few minutes and spend some time on this website. Sooner, you’ll be able to catch all the drawbacks which we are going to reveal here. In such situations, our Eczebrok Reviews will give you a better insight into being legitimate or not. 

Specifications of

  • ​Website type: ​Online Merchandising Company
  • ​Delivery time: ​ Depending upon your location
  • ​Shipping time: ​ 5-21 days
  • ​Shipping cost: ​They provide free shipping on all the orders that cost above $50
  • Return: ​Applicable within 14 days
  • Refund: No details mentioned
  • Exchange: ​No details mentioned
  • Order cancellation: ​No information found
  • Company Address: ​ 7826 Topanga Canyon Blvd apt231 Canoga Park CA US 
  • ​Contact number: ​ 8188762884
  • ​Email address: ​
  • ​ Payment Gateways: ​Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express.
  • ​ SSL certification: ​ Not found

Benefits of

  • Multiple options of the payment gateways
  • ​They provide free shipping on all the orders that cost above $50
  • Website is easy to operate
  • They claim to issue a Newsletter as well
  • Supports credit card payment online

Cons of

  • The products do not match with the category mentioned
  • All the products mentioned on the website are costly
  • The social media channels shown will take you some another profile’s account
  • No customer’s feedbacks seen so far
  • No refund or exchange policy available on the website

Is a scam?

Before we get straight into the list, we should start with the features and sources that this website has in store for its dear customers. This company is headquartered at Canoga Park, CA, United States. To our Eczebrok Reviews analysis, we have researched that it is not the real operational location.

We also noticed that the average shipping duration is as follows:

  • Asia-Pacific 5 -7 days
  • North America 7 – 10 days
  • Europe 10 – 15 days
  • The Caribbean & the Latin America 14 – 21 days
  • The Middle East & Africa 14 – 21 days

This review will pull all the fraudulent moves that these websites make. As we can also see, the price range of the products available on the website is a bit expensive on the pocket. In addition to this, they provide free shipping on orders above 50 dollars. 

When you buy from a secured website, you can see a padlock and view its date’s certificate. In comparison, has a ‘Not Secured’ mentioned on its HTTP:// link. 

Customer Reviews:

We did not find any customer Eczebrok Reviews on any of the products shown online. In addition to this, there is no rating available. Well, we can’t judge upon the incept date as we could not find the SSL certificate on this website. 

As stated above, all the social media channels mentioned took us to some other account’s profiles. 

Our Verdict:

All you readers must be wondering if a scam? So, the answer is yes, it is a scam website. As per our close research and analysis, we can conclude that one cannot depend on such websites as they may loot the customers. 

The information shared on the website seems unsatisfactory and vague to an extent. 

Free shipping may seem tempting enough but not at the cost of an unauthentic website. It may give you a sense of confirmation that your order is taken, but you may fall into the trap! This review article was for you to make the right decision. 

Let us know your experience on the same!

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