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This article discusses the Eleceed 163, a chapter in a reasonably well-known manhwa.

Comic books have always been a popular form of entertainment and an opportunity for storytellers and artists to showcase their talent. Although they’re popular mostly among younger audiences, their appeal isn’t exclusive to them. 

To this date, all kinds of comics from major publications enjoy a lot of popularity. Eleceed is also another comic, a manhwa, to be precise. A chapter of this comic has started to gain traction and has made Eleceed 163 popular.

The query has gained some user interest Worldwide due to the reasonable popularity of the manhwa. Keep reading this article to obtain all details.

Introducing Eleceed

Manhwa is the term used to refer to South Korean comics. As we mentioned earlier, Eleceed is a reasonably popular manhwa, a South Korean comic. The manhwa is published in both Korean and English on Naver Webtoon and Webtoon, respectively. The comic is still ongoing, and new chapters are released every Tuesday.

This series is a product of the creative mind of Son Je-Ho, who’s the illustrator and the writer of the manhwa. We’ll get to Eleceed 163 shortly. The first chapter of this series was published on Naver Webtoon back in October 2018 and has become somewhat popular Worldwide.

The Plot of Eleceed

  • The series follows our protagonist Jiwoo who’s a kind-hearted and well-meaning person. But, Jiwoo has a secret, he possesses some extraordinary abilities.
  • Jiwoo can harness the reflexes of a cat. However, Jiwoo has hidden his powers from everyone else. 
  • Jiwoo meets Kayden, another lead character in the comic who also possesses similar abilities. 
  • The trendy query Eleceed 163 refers to a chapter in the comic.
  • Kayden is a secret agent who has accidentally become stuck in the body of an old fluffy cat, and he’s also on the run.
  • After the two meet, Kayden introduces Jiwoo to a new world where more people possess abilities and have an entirely different set of rules.
  • Jiwoo uses his powers to help children and animals.
  • The two forms an unlikely partnership to protect the world from the evil that intends to rule it. 
  • Even though the two don’t always get along, they’re committed to their mission.

Information About Eleceed 163

  • As we already mentioned, this term likely refers to Chapter 163 of the manhwa, Eleceed.
  • Sources suggest that this chapter of the manhwa hasn’t yet been released.
  • We cannot comment on the release date of the chapter.
  • The term has likely gained traction because of users’ interest in the events of the following chapters.
  • Read more about Eleceed here.

The Final Verdict        

Eleceed is a relatively popular manhwa that enjoys a reasonable amount of success. It’s been going strong for years now. Users’ interest in a specific chapter made a related query trendy. We have mentioned all the relevant information about Eleceed 163 above. 

Do you read this manhwa weekly? Kindly share your thoughts on it.

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