Elf on Shelf Mask DIY {Dec} Are You Keen To Make Mask?

Elf on Shelf Mask DIY 2020

Elf on Shelf Mask DIY {Dec} Are You Keen To Make Mask? >> If you are bringing elf home this Christmas season, then prepare mask & isolation centre for him.

Christmas is about to arrive, and there are many traditions related to this festival. The Christmas celebrations are entirely different in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

People worldwide expect gifts from Santa Claus and decorate the Christmas trees, but in some countries, the elf visits the home on Christmas from the North Pole.

It is a fun tradition to bring an elf home, and in this article on ‘Elf on Shelf Mask DIY,’ we will share how you can make a mask for an elf.

Who is Elf?

Elf is a supernatural power from German mythology with much magical power and is very kind towards everyone. He visits the house of people on Christmas and helps them in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and it is a belief that is flourishing among all the communities.

If you are a practical person, you might not believe in elf, but many people think they are real. It is a belief that elf comes home and solves everyone’s problem and helps them bring prosperity. This pandemic, you need to make Elf on Shelf Mask DIY.’

The elf is a Spy for the kids, and he notices if the kids are sweet or notorious and after seeing, he leaves the house and informs Santa about the children to bring gifts for the kids accordingly.

What rules are there for the elf?

When an elf visits your house, the basic rule is that the kids cannot come near him or touch him. It is believed that the elf pranks with kids and moves his place every night, but if you want him to stay at one place in the home, then you can put the elf in an isolation center and Quarantine him.

How to make Elf on Shelf Mask DIY’?

Firstly you need materials like an elf, one paper towel, a shop towel, a glue gun and sticks, and a string.

If your elf is large, then you will need a giant mask. Firstly take a cutter and cut 5 *1.5 inches long and wide piece from the towel and two thin 3 inches strips. Now start folding that piece from the end once and then under it. Repeat the process a few times, and then stick it from the back with the glue gun. 

Now stick two strips that you cut and stick on the edge of the mask and attach the strings to the front. 

How to wear Elf on Shelf Mask DIY?’

Take the mask and tie a knot on both sides of the strings and place it on the elf’s face and tie a big knot at the back.

After tying the knot, make sure that the mask is above the elf’s nose to prevent any infections. Now your elf is ready to fight the virus.


The article’s final line says that the Christmas season is coming and bringing many traditions with it. One of the rules is bringing the elf from the North Pole to your house to watch the kids and inform Santa about the children’s behavior. You learnt the ‘Elf on Shelf Mask DIY’ mask above in the article.

But in this pandemic, you need to quarantine your elf for 14 days and provide him with a DIY mask so that he can protect himself from the virus. 

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