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Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review {May 2021} Is It A Scam?

Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review {May 2021} Is It A Scam

Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review {May 2021} Is It A Scam? >> A sleeping mask is one of the beauty items that can be readily used with ease at night. However, is it worth-buying? Read the above blog.  

Have you ever tried a sleeping mask for your face? If no, then this blog is exclusive for women who love their skin more than anything else. The product is a special night facial care cream made up of natural extracts that moisturises the face and tones up the elasticity of the skin. Before buying, you must read the Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review that will let you know about an innovative creation that gives skin protection and take cares of your sleep famous Worldwide.

Let’s check the overview of reviews and features and much more.

What is Elishacoy Sleeping Mask?

It is a cream that increases the skin’s water retention capacity and supports a good night’s sleep. Its ingredients include vitamin capsule, pearl extract, vegetable collagen with no harmful chemicals. It can be applied by rubbing on hands till vitamin capsule melts, after that applying it on face overnight, then removing the mask in the morning by simply rinsing it in water. 

After reading Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Reviewwe found that the mask is available in 50 ml pack Worldwide, which offers a discount on bulk orders, like a discount of approximately 50 cents each on every purchase of five packs. 

This is a non-reusable mask that can be applied at night for a bright glow in the morning and day. 

How to clean this mask?

There is no need to use any special technique, device to remove it. The mask can be cleaned by simply rinsing it in the water in the morning. 


  • Type of product: It’s a sleeping beauty mask to enhance the glow of the skin.
  • Ingredients used: vitamin capsule herbal rice, pearl, berry extract.
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Owner information: Elishacoy
  • Product price:$23.46
  • Quantity available: 2-5 ml,6-10ml,11-21ml,22-100ml available

What are the Pros?

  • Product claims protection against pollutants.
  • It is a sleeping mask that enhances beauty and tones up the skin.
  • It is made up of all-natural extract with no use of chemicals. 
  • The product comes in several volumes which you can buy according to your necessity.

What are the cons?

  • No Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review available.
  • The product has no availability date.
  • There is no owner information and no verified address or contact number found.
  • No surety about the perfect professional results.
  • The manufacturer has claimed that the product comes with a variety of benefits but there is no valid information behind such claim. 
  • The product is available only on its official site not on any other platform.

Is this product Legit?

To know more about the product and the selling site, we need to review few important points. Let’s us see the below mentioned information

  • Product availability Date: it is not mentioned on the brand site and since the site is just two years old so it can be said that the product is not so popular.
  • Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review: no reviews found on the site.
  • Social Media Channels: It has no media connections.

Hence, after going through this available information, we cannot trust this product and site to be aware of it and share these details with your known ones.

What are Customers Review?

The product has not gained any reviews on the manufacturer site. This product is not available in offline market, it seems not so popular otherwise.  Lack of information has made the product doubtful.

The product has no Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review on any of the social media platforms. On Trust pilot websiteonly one review is seen. The person has mentioned that the site is completely fake and comes under another name

We found many videos and articles on the external site; if you want to see videos related to this, then click on this link.

The Final Verdict:

The product claims to increase the overall facial health and glow. It can be applied on the face at night and can be removed in the morning.

However the product is not so popular yet and it has got no customer Elishacoy Sleeping Mask Review.

So Readers, do check, re-verify the product and then decide. Which type of beauty products do you prefer? Let us know by commenting below.

If you want to check the legitimacy of any item, visit this link.

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