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Eliworth Clothing Review [Nov] Is It A Trustworthy Site?


Eliworth Clothing Review [Nov] Is It A Trustworthy Site? >> Want to buy beautiful clothes at reasonable prices and under sale offers, read the reviews here.

Do you wish to shop for beautiful clothing from online? Well, you can do so very quickly, through this website. The website provides many options to the users so that they can easily shop for their favorite products.

Before creating their global online store, the company worked as retailers and endorsed some of the most fashionable brands. The website sells ready to wear clothing and products. The middleman and the additional fee are eliminated in this store, which saves your money.

Eliworth Clothing Review shows the customers how they can easily shop these fashionable products from the site very quickly and get them delivered to the place they wish to.

Also, we see that the site sells the products which are easily accessible and are trendy too. 

It impresses the customers, and they wish to buy these products at such low prices, which are showcased on the site.

The products on the site are for the users of the United States. They can quickly go through the site and the content to order the products they like.

What is Eliworth Clothing?

It is an online site that helps users in purchasing the products quickly. The site makes sure that its customers feel good in the clothes they wear.

The website’s important thing is that the site has kept the prices very down, which is very impressive for the customers.

Eliworth Clothing Review shows that the site not only works for the customers, but it also helps the workers and partners around the world. The site makes available a wide range of products directly brought out from the producers and the best quality.

The products’ prices are meager and can be easily accessed by the customers of the United States.

What is so unique about Eliworth Clothing?

The site sells an extensive collection of products. It involves tops, dresses, two-piece sets, and jumpsuits, and also loungewear

Eliworth Clothing Review shows that users can easily shop for these products all around the globe. The products are shipped through the warehouse that is recently opened in the United States.

We see a weekly and monthly sale on the site in which the prices are meager, with exciting and beautiful products. Also, the hot sale products involve the ones which are mostly liked by the customers throughout.


  • Product: Dresses, jumpsuits, loungewear, and much more
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: Xehia trading Ltd. 159 Green Lanes, London, N13 4SP, UK
  • Contact: +447482875871
  • Delivery: 25-30 days
  • Shipping: Free over $79
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Refunds: Within seven days after receiving the product
  • Payments: Online

Pros of buying through Eliworth Clothing:

  • Low prices
  • Accessible and trendy
  • Wide collection
  • Comfortable and high-quality products

Cons of buying through Eliworth Clothing:

  • Few reviews reported
  • No links with social platforms
  • Suspicious content 

Is Eliworth Clothing legit?

We see that the site is very new. To shop for products from the site, the customers must be aware of its validity and genuineness.

Eliworth Clothing Review will help users to get a clear view, so they must go through it before shopping products. We also help the customers by providing exact details efficiently to know about the site they are using.

Customer feedback on Eliworth Clothing:

As per the research we have done, we find few reports, news, and views regarding the internet site. This makes the image of the site in the eyes of the customers. The customers can try a site that does show customer reviews.

Eliworth Clothing Review shows links to the site with social platforms, which further pull its impression. Along with that, we have found that the address is not valid on the site.

To shop for products from the site, the site should be genuine, and the customers must be satisfied. Since we have found mixed reviews of this sort, we regard it as a research worth site.

Final verdict:

As we have found many mixed reviews with positive more feedback regarding the site, we say u can trust once this site. Along with that, we also feel that the site is newly launched has has not made much traffic of the customers.

The Eliworth Clothing Review helps know that the site can be trusted once and buyers should do research before buying.

Thus, if you have any reviews using this site for shopping purposes, please mention here.


  1. Do not by clothing from Slorne or Eliworth. Scam companies. Took a month to get my order. Their clothes are cut very small and they will not do returns. Clothing is printed on one side and does not even have labels.

  2. I ordered from Eliworth and it took about 30 days to get the items. Though I used their measurement chart, both items were too small. When I tried to return or exchange for another size, I received an auto-reply both times, stating that they would only take back damaged items. When I pushed it, they offered a discount.
    I posted a review on their Facebook page, but it was deleted. When I tried to repost, they had blocked me altogether.
    I am now much more wary of these online scams!

  3. took me over a month, DO NOT BUY….items are NOTHING like described, sweatshirts are paper thin T Shirt you can see right thru……

  4. Eliworth does not allow returns or exchanges despite what their website says. It ordered small and it is huge. Do not buy from them.

  5. They are the worst! Lied and told me the clothes were made in the US. The packaging says made in China. Sizes are all over the place and only returns if production errors like rips. No return for size issues. Material is cheap and no fabric care labels as I believe required in the US.
    They have now blocked me from messenger.
    Do not order from them. Also I believe they are using various other names on Facebook.

  6. Terrible! Purchased two tops as gifts for my wife. The photo does not show a band around the bottom (you can only see it if you have the actual item in hand). This is an online store and doesn’t completely convey the look of it’s products, yet the company will not allow us to return the items. They cite COVID restrictions, yet every other establishment where we have needed to return items have never denied us. That is shabby business policy on Eliworth’s part!

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