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Em General Reviews [2020] – Really Work or Just Hype?

Em General Reviews [2020] – Really Work or Just Hype? >> EM General anti-pollution mask that comes with the N95/N99 Filters promises to clean 99% of bacterias or viruses contained in the breathing air and provides you the fresh air, even, in the dirty or crowded area.

Em General Reviews

Are you genuinely looking for reviews of the Em General‘s Antiviral N95/N99 face mask filters? We have examined the details of this anti-pollution product and brought a clear picture to help you to make the best possible decision.

In our daily life, while working in the metro cities or dusty work environment, we inhale many harmful airborne particles that put badly impact our health. Currently, deadly Coronavirus is spreading its roots in our country via respiratory droplets and direct contact. And, there is no vaccine invented to cure this disease yet. Therefore, it’s essential to be conscious of health, even in little things.

Many traditional anti-pollution masks work by filtering particulate matter out of the air. Certified N95 Respiratory Mask will take care of every cube of air you inhale by filtering from many harmful bacterias.

What is Em General’s Antiviral Mask?

As per the folks over Em General, N95 / 99 anti-pollution face mask helps to eliminate bacterias, viruses, or several exhaust fumes out of the polluted air.

Despite this, Em General masks work effectively in metro cities. It filters 99% of harmful air contained viruses or bacteria. The natives of the United States are widely using this product.

Although Em General claims that they are serving since 2010 and providing their services to the 424,561 people worldwide, so, Is it enough to decide that this anti-pollution face mask will work better than other traditional options? Does it help you to take fresh and natural air?

Let’s begin a review that helps you to find the best answer,  starting with its finer details.

How Does Em General Anti Pollution Mask Work?

This Antiviral face mask has made with the high quality waterproof breathable designs which is comfortable to put on the face. There is an adjustable nose clip made with the soft Allumenium will never let this mask slip off from the nose. It’s one-way breathing valves help you to inhale breath quickly. N95/N99 filters prevent harmful particles from airborne that minimalize destructive impact on your health, caused by bacterias- viruses, tobacco smoke, or other polluted air ingredients.

In this way, it gives you a fresh breath by reducing the amount of heat and moisture. The open values help to lower the breathing resistance. The feature of ventilation, a plurality of holes, and excellent permeability will give you the fresh air to take inside.

However, we have noticed that a lot of pollution mask product reviewers are nowadays talking about OxyBreath Pro Mask and claiming it as the most effective mask. This one has been the most sold mask across many South Asian countries facing the probable attack of coronavirus. No doubt, a good mask is the best precaution to save yourself from it.

OxyBreath has better reports compared to Em General mask. Several customers have posted in their forum remarks and social media accounts regarding the less effectiveness of Em general product. One should not take risks while purchasing a mask. Nowadays, almost every city of the United States is on the edge of pollution’s ill impact and also, for the virus attack.

How Em General’s N95/N99 Mask benefits its Users?

As per the Em General‘s official website, this product has the following features which will help you to think twice before buying this product:

  • Its unique ventilation area will stimulate a healthy breathing solution.
  • It makes breathing easy by decreasing heat and moisture.
  • It has replaceable activated carbon filters.
  • It has an adjustable nose strip that fits well and very comfy to carry. It also prevents this mask from slipping off.
  • This light-weighted mask is comfortable to put on or pull off.
  • It is compatible in every weather condition.
  • It’s so soft to touch that you can wear it while performing daily life task for long hours.
  • It’s a perfect choice for sports activities like running, hiking or bicycling.
  • If you are working in dusty or hazardous chemical areas, you will notice the miraculous changes in your breathing after putting this mask.
  • When you start using it, you will see the positive changes in your breathing.
  • To get accurate results, don’t forget to change the filters regularly.
  • It is available in many colors like Black, Carbon Black, White/Black, Blue, Deep Sea Blue, Red, and Black. You can select as per your need or choice.

What is the Difference Between Filter N95 and N99?

N-series is all about particulate respirators that prevent against solid or liquid aerosol particulates, which has no value of oil. It may include dust, which can be coal, iron, flour, metal, or other liquids.

The difference between N95 and N99 is related with the filter’s efficiency level. N95 filters 95% of particulates whereas N99 filters help to eradicate 99% particulates of the air ingredients. The quality of the cleaning air is completly depend upon the efficiency level of these filters.

How Much Does Em General Antiviral N95 Mask with N95/N99 Filters Cost?

Em General Antiviral N95 Mask comes with N95/N99 Filters is available at a discounted price of $24.99 (original price $64.99) plus free shipping. If you place an order, then you will save worth $40.00  on the product.

Depending on the location, shipping takes a few days to 1-4 weeks. If the product is not as per your demand, you can claim a refund within 30 days after the delivery.

If you want to cancel your order (applicable only on full-priced items) for some reason, you have to claim that cancellation within 60 minutes after placing the order. Em General instructs that you need to reach out at emgenralhelp@gmail.com  for canceling the product.

Apart from that, if you recieved a damaged product, you’ll need to contact the company within seven days of delivery and send photos of damaged items. After that, the refund will be given to you as soon as possible.

Is Em General’s Antiviral Mask Worth to Buy?

Whether you are judging over the price factor or thinking to pick up any other anti-pollution mask available at the retailer market, the point is that how much you will draw the potential health benefits out of this Antiviral product.

Because, Antiviral N95/N99 filters can destroy several airborne Particulates and help you to breathe freely and fresh, even, in your dusty areas or every kind of weather conditions. The high cost of this product might be worthy enough to provide better performance related to health.

Taking into consideration many factors, it is completly up to you whether to buy this product or not.

51 thoughts on “Em General Reviews [2020] – Really Work or Just Hype?

    I ordered a smart watch from these people 6 weeks ago. They took my money out of my account right away. They have not shipped my watch or refunded my $$. They won’t answer the phone. When you email no response.

    1. ha, ha, ha. Where did you purchase the product? please send me all details. we are not selling, just providing informational content with alternative product. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    2. Well just read EM General has been caught they have filed wire fraud charges on them in California the attorney general’s office and I guess the owner is a pastor son. I wrote him and told him not to drop the soap in the shower in prison

    1. We Write the informational article on our website. Please check carefully. We mentioned to buy alternative product.

  2. EMGeneral is a scam company. Took my money-$49.98-and never received masks. Would not reply to any e-mails. Never order from this group of scammers!

      1. Hello Alexis ,
        My name is Annie Itterley and my order number is 42451 and I believe it was placed on 3.2 .20 my order was for 10 masks $300 worth and I have not received and I have talked to customer service with Zendesk, which is really not the company, I have not received my masks or any communication form EM General. I ordered these the day I got out of hospital from heart surgery so I would be protected as I am 57 years old, with heart condition and need to have the masks, I do believe this is a scam site and took my money which I live on fixed income being disabled since I was 36. In this time in the world I was hoping that people would be more humane and not scam people like this can you please help me? This is not about the money but more about my life and health and the fact that this is so predatory behavior.

  3. I think they’re scammers. I ordered a mask and they took my money but never even sent me a confirmation order number. I’m going to see if I can get my money back from my bank.

    1. They are definitely scamming everyone and I’m going to report their company. I ordered mask in the beginning of the month and keep getting a generic email back. Please do not purchase anything from them. I will also be exposing them on social media.

  4. I ordered N95 masks which total cost $699.72. Em billed my credit card immediately. It’s been 10 days and no status. I’ve emailed 3 times and called twice. No response I called my credit company and canx my card and initiated an investigation. My opinion. SCAM SCAM SCAM

    1. We are providing website reviews. Where did you buy the product? Please send me all details. Thanks

      1. I ordered 5 masks they charged 125.00 that day.. I sent emails after a month, and they would send me back a messages saying we are on back order they will be delivered between March 5-10 .. Its already June.. Hopefully I can get my money back from the bank for fraud! I have never waited 4 months for a product.I hope everybody out there gets there money back.. God bless, stay safe

    2. Do not buy!!! I ordered 3 masks Feb 29 the and never got a confirmation email. They said they started shipping on March 14 then 4 days later it changed to the 13th. You cannot track your order either. The pictures are also used on several other scam sites. Look on alliexpress, the same ones are less than 5 dollars!!

  5. I purchased masks on emgeneral.com too. It’s no responds from them in any ways, phone is allways “busy”, no replies to emails. So tell me when my order will be shipped? Order # 22828.

  6. I purchased masks over 1 month ago. The money was taken from my account and I still haven’t heard anything! Obviously, they don’t seem to be legitimate.

    1. I’m filing suit against them this week. Total scam. And I’m reporting them to AMEX and getting my money back. AMEX will blacklist them. Am also reporting them to the attorney general’s office.

      1. I ordered 4 masks on 2/28 and have yet to receive. Received email from EM General on 3/18 that orders are being shipped… as of now nothing! Scam!

  7. I placed my order on the 3rd of March and I have not been able to get status just received an email about my order but no email.

  8. Total scam. I bought 3 for$75. Never recieved them, they never responded to my emails. Bought over a month ago.

  9. Do Note buy from this Company they charge your account/Take your money ASAP , product is NEVER delivered after over a month waiting. They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of folks during this Corona National disaster. Buyer Beware

    1. I too purchased masks on Feb 25, Feb 26 for a total of 3 orders. Last week they sent me a text stating that my order had shipped. That was April 2nd. Nothing has arrived.

  10. this is a scam. took my $75 and now not a word from them. they even took the fake “track your order” option down from their site. do not let em general steal your money too

  11. This is a scam . I didn’t think so until I called the number this week and now it disconnected. I spoke to someone on the 18th and 19th of march. Called 800- 893-1895 . The 800- 913-8545 is working but nothing. I placed me order on March 5th. 24.99 and I should have checked for reviews before giving them my money. I feel sad that people would do this when we are effected and worrying about our health our families and trying to protect our selves. And have a job with income and they just find the easy way and take advantage of the situation. it’s really sad.

  12. Do not buy it from these FRAUDS. It’s been a month since I have paid; no masks;no response to my emails to the support team. I do not need those masks after this hell!!!!

  13. You are right. EM General is a fraudster. I ordered two items and have nor received them. When I requested a refund they refused. The matter is now before my credit card company. I filed a “Dispute” with them. I strongly suggest you order all items you are seeking, from trusted sites such a Walmart, Target or Amazon. They always provide “Tracking Numbers” while EM General does not!

  14. Do not purchase anything from EM General! They are fraudsters and not based in the U.S.A. They take your money and constantly put off the delivery date.
    Place the orders you desire with reputable companies such as Target, Walmart or Amazon.

  15. I ordered the beginning of February. They do not answer the phones. IT took weeks to get an email. Now they keep saying they have them and will begin shipping on March 19 but it’s March 28 now and nothing updated. Same canned email. My mother already cancelled her order and I will be doing so too. They keep saying don’t cancel because we bought the masks but time is running out to get my money back form the bank. No signs this is a legit business yet.

  16. Yup. They are scammers for sure. They also took my cash. Gave me a order number after various attempts of trying to contact them. Then they changed their site to check your order status by asking for a tracking number. Fucking scammers



    They ate Scammers the bank is very aware of
    The scammed ALOT of people
    They take ur money and that is it.

    May darkness come ur way

  19. Yes they are scamming they got $64 of my money everybody needs to right there representative contact the better business bureau if they get enough people and a is enough dollar amount that this company has stolen they will go after him

  20. SCAM they take advantage of the situation taking orders charging your account promising they will deliver but never did. Website likes this should be taken down.

  21. I have had many emails full of lies from you and now I will send all of my correspondence to the FBI. You people are really low life —you take the money and don’t produce the product. I hope it makes you feel good you louses.

  22. SCAM… I lost $68. I ordered 2 masks on 2/28/2020. Never received the masks and although I have contacted them several times to cancel my order and requested confirmation of refund, I’ve heard NOTHING from them. Disgusting!!

  23. I also placed an order and have yet to receive masks! What can be done about this company? This is criminal.

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