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Embassy Shredder Review [Sep] Is It a Scam or Genuine?

Embassy Shredder Review [Sep] Is It a Scam or Genuine

Embassy Shredder Review [Sep] Is It a Scam or Genuine? -> Take a look at this review to find out about an online store that sells paper shredders.

Are you looking for a document shredder for your office or household? Then, let us take a look at

In places like offices, colleges, and schools, document shredders have become a necessity. There are many e-shops that exclusively sell document shredders. Today we’re reviewing one such website that exclusively sells one brand of shredders. 

After stumbling upon a post of an interested buyer asking about Embassy Shredder review, we decided to take a close look at the site and share important information with our readers. 

In the United State, people are wondering about the site and the services it provides. Is it a safe and genuine site? Read on as we set out to answer this question and find out if the site is legit or scam.

What is

The website sells Embassy Shredders and accessories from the same brand. The site is maintained and updated. All the products and related information is clearly stated on the site. The brand of the product has established a strong name in the market

The shredders are available in multiple colors. Some of the products are available at discounted prices. The website shares a lot of relevant information about shredders. Also, the site offers information regarding the returns policy. 

Here, we share the Embassy Shredder review and the info it shares on the site. Continue reading further. 

Specifications of

  • Website type – a webshop selling document shredders 
  • Company contact number – 8668601151
  • Company address – not specified 
  • Company email id – not shared
  • Return – possible
  • Mode of payment – Visa, Amex, Amazon Pay, PayPal, JCB, MasterCard 
  • Shipping time – not mentioned 
  • Shipping cost – free shipping

Pros of shopping products from

  • Collection of top-quality document shredders
  • Various accessories also available on the site
  • The site offers the option to return products

Cons of shopping products from 

  • No review of the site available
  • Not present on social media portals 
  • Company address or email id not shared

Is legit or scam?

Before you indulge in online shopping from any ecommerce store, it is critical to be certain of its legitimacy. One of the most favorable signs pointing in the direction of the website’s trustworthiness is the fact that the site’s domain was registered 5 years ago. Also, the site protects user data as it has an SSL certification. 

Both the above signs are great. However, certain aspects of the site raise a few red flags. For instance, we could not locate any reliable review of the website. Embassy Shredder review is available online on multiple sites. However, there is no buyer review available on the website. 

Furthermore, the site does not specify any detail regarding the company. There is no about us section on the site, neither is there company address or email id. The site shares the contact number that customers can call on. 

Lastly, there is no social media listing of the website. Due to the above points, we’re unable to say whether the site is legit or scam. 

What are people saying about

The Embassy Shredder review we found online are mostly for the product. We could not find a review of the website. On the site itself, there is no review listed.

We carefully went through the posts online to check the review of the site. However, there is no reliable buyer review that could help us form an opinion. 

The lack of review has left us wondering, and we’re unable to give a clear verdict. 

Final Verdict 

The site is over 5 years old and possesses SSL certification. The e-shop shares sufficient information about the shredders and its accessories. The website has a FAQ page and contacts us page. The information about the e-shop’s returns policy is clearly mentioned. 

However, there are certain cons of the site that are hard to ignore. The site is not present on social media portals, and we couldn’t find proper reviews online. Also, the site does not display any company-specific information. 

After examining the multiple aspects of the website, we think that the site is legit. However, due to the lack of reviews and social media presence, we’re not confident at this moment. If you plan on using this site for buying shredders, then we urge you to maintain caution and also share your experience in the comments section below. 

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