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Do you want to know the revenue and value of Emily Yang NFT? If yes, then thoroughly head towards this post.

Do you know about a well-known artist from New York City? Do you like her animation skills? Then, dive into this write-up instantly. 

Well-known cryptocurrencies are now becoming the potential to earn capital for many investors. Thus, the traders of the United States are looking for platforms that will make them crypto experts by making valuable NFTs. Also, some of them are showing their skills from which they might get numerous projects. 

So, in this post, we will investigate the thoughts, achievements, and values of Emily Yang NFT

Who is Emily Yang?

Also known as pplpleasr, she is famous as a multidisciplinary artist of New York City. Moreover, she was initially influenced by animated films, video games, underground music scenes, and traditional Japanese and Chinese art. Thus, inspired by all these, she has produced visual effects for films, commercials, and toon shader tools to give 2D elements a 3D experience. 

She also loves painting and drawing stuff apart from digital art. So, let us see her contributions to the digital world in detail. 

Few Facts on Emily Yang NFT

Yang made several NFTs that are very valuable and profitable for many investors. 

  • Recently, she collaborated with Fortune Magazine to create the cover titled ‘Crypto vs. Wall Street.’ The cover imparts various crypto characters, including UniSwap, in a unique style. Moreover, Fortune has sold 256 limited editions of the cover, costing each for 1 Ether.
  • Also, she purchased ‘The Doge NFT’ in June for $4 million, and now its value is around $500 million. 
  • According to sources, the first-ever Emily Yang NFT was sold for 310 ETH of approx $525,000, which was transferred to a movement named ‘Stand with Asians.’ 

Contributions of Emily Yang

She has gained much respect in the crypto community because of her creative and unique style of representing the NFT community. Furthermore, her collaboration with Fortune Magazine has gained more than $1 million to support ‘independent journalism.’ 

She also contributed massive capital for a popular movement to prevent hate for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by selling Emily Yang NFT

Yang’s View on Crypto Community 

Emily Yang shared her view as a woman in the cryptocurrency world, stating about the DeFi community. Also, she was not recognized by other people until she had proved what she was. 

In addition, she also highlighted the gender inequality in the NFT community. Also, she noticed the difference in revenue offered to males with females. 

Why is She Popular?

We have all seen Yang’s dedication to the cryptocurrency field by creating excellent cover pages of famous avatars. In addition, her concept of ‘equality’ made her a good personality.

To Sum Up

The article on Emily Yang NFT has featured the contributions and thoughts of a well-known artist, ‘Emily Yang.’ Also, we have detected that she likes drawing and painting along with digital art. 

She uses her creativity to enhance the NFT community and to prevent gender discrimination in workplaces. Also, we have seen that her NFT’s value is very profitable nowadays. Read more about Emily Yang here.  

What are your views? Do share with us.

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