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Enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 {Jan} Is it legit?

Enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 {Jan} Is it legit? -> Please read the above article to check the legitimacy of the site.

Have you ever wondered that you can complete your study even after an appropriate age? Do you want to catch up on your reviews after leaving it due to specific issues? If yes, then enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 has brought you a fantastic opportunity to catch up on your studies. Before saying anything about this Brazilbased site, lets first see what this opportunity is all about.

What Is enccejanacional.inep.gov.br?

Encceja is a free exam that aims at providing an opportunity for young people and adults to complete their studies. This exam is for those who did not have the chance to complete their education appropriately. These exams will be conducted on April 25, 2021, and the registration for the same is from January 11 to January 22, 2021. The exams enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 are going to be very beneficial for people.


  • Type of Website – Exam portal.
  • Use of site – To register the people for the exams it offers.
  • Location is accessible to – All those people who lost their chance of getting education right on time.
  • Date of exams – April 25, 2021
  • Dates of registration for exams – January 11- January 22, 2021
  • Types of certificates the exams offer – Primary or High school completion certificate and partial statement of proficiency.
  • Digital Federal Public services, distance learning, cheap internet, entertainment, help in finding jobs provided by the site.
  • Age of domain – 7 years 11 months 23 days

Pros of using enccejanacional.inep.gov.br

  • Great customer satisfaction.
  • Trust index is useful.
  • enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 exam will help people catch up on their studies that they left a long time ago due to specific issues. 
  • In this site, you will also see the services you can be part of, like social services, job finding, etc.
  • The people have loved this Brazil-based site because of this fantastic unique opportunity of taking exams.

Cons of using enccejanacional.inep.gov.br

  • The exams and the site does not seem legal due to its expired HTTPS protocol.
  • There is no security on the site, stating that the site does not protect the customer’s data who register for the exams.

 Is enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 Legit?

The site and the exams mentioned on the site seems to be scam somewhat due to its bad Alexa ranking but useful trust index. Not much can be said on the site’s legitimacy and the exams offered by it because not much information is given. Still, the idea but the area’s educational certificates after the exams seem to be somewhat legit.

What are enccejanacional.inep.gov.br?

The Alexa ranking, trust index and significant traffic on the site seems to be legit. Although no contact information has been given, which is not a good sign as if someone registers on the site will not contact the responsible authorities to check the legitimacy of the transaction. No domain age is given, no HTTPS protocol being followed by the site.

Final Verdict

The detailed information collected on enccejanacional.inep.gov.br 2021 states that the site can be a scam, but the user on his own risk can trust it. However, the site collaborates with Brazil government, which shows that the site can be legal.

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