The Ergonomic Footrest: an Essential Accessory to Any Desk

Latest News Ergonomic Footrest and a Standing Desk Together

The electric standing desk has proven its mettle in offices all over the corporate world. However, it has been observed that prolonged standing can have a serious impact on your feet in the form of fatigue and soreness. That’s why, ergonomic experts such as Oplan recommend that adjustable standing desks, sit stand desks, and ergonomic footrests should be used together.

What is an ergonomic footrest?

The ergonomic footrest, such as the ones that UX Office offers, is a platform that improves blood circulation and prevents foot fatigue. They can be placed on a stand or underneath the standing desk, and can be used regularly by professional personnel. The ergonomic footrest is also very comfortable to use. To get the most out of it, just rest your feet on it for a while. Desk chairs with wheels, cheap desk chairs, are amazing for foot comfort as well. You can buy desk chairs online as well.

What are the advantages of the ergonomic footrest?

  • Better blood circulation

The ergonomic footrests are designed to twist and eliminate interference with blood circulation in your feet. Using an ergonomic footrest greatly reduces the risk of blood clots.

  • Excellent posture

The ergonomic footrest helps you improve your posture by allowing you to stand longer without getting tired.

  • No backaches at all

When your feet are working and moving, you’ll be less likely to sit down and find shelter in the chair. Alternatively, your back will allow you to spend more time on the rack without straining your back muscles.

  • More comfort

Well, you have to be comfortable to work well. Standing chairs provide comfort, but the constant force exerted on your feet can reduce productivity. According to experts, ergonomic footrests can increase standing time by 30% or more. Well, it can be very useful when we consider the function of our chair in the long term. 

  • High productivity

Ergonomic footrest keeps workers healthy and productive. An important example of this is that regular use of an ergonomic footrest can reduce medical costs associated with antibiotics. It makes people happier and improves their thinking and self-esteem.

  • Not very costly

Ergonomic footrests are very affordable; one of the major reasons of their popularity. In fact, just like a support, an ergonomic footrest is the best investment with a long-term return on investment. 

  • Easy to use

The ergonomic footrest is very easy to use. Just put your feet on it for a few minutes. And you can do it whenever you want.

  • Very easy to carry

The ergonomic footrest is very light and can be easily moved from place to place. This means that there is no need to place an ergonomic footrest in the stand if space is too limited. You can put it somewhere else. It is also ideal for spacious work areas where an ergonomic footrest can be placed in an optional position. Anyone can use it anytime. If you’re moving your office to a new home, the ergonomic footrest can be a bit of a concern.

  • Lightweight and very durable

The ergonomic footrest is lightweight. They can last longer than you think. 


The ergonomic footrest is the best way to complement a standing desk. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them together.

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