Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7 (April) How To Fix?

Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7 2020.

Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7 (April) How To Fix? >> Encountering the error on Windows, and want to fix it? Then know how to solve the issue in this article.

Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7 – Have you also encountered the error 80072efe on your Windows? The reason behind this may be many. Want to know the details and learn how to fix the issue? This article may surely help you.

The main reason behind the error due to poor connection between your system and the Microsoft server. The error is triggered on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. The error cause is typical Worldwide try to fix it by yourself by referring to the guide.

What is Error 80072efe Windows?

People Worldwide are triggered with Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7, which is common in both windows seven and windows 10. The common reason behind this error is internet connection interruption. Or rootkit virus may be the reason behind it. If the problem is with the server, then wait till the team solves the issue. Suppose the problem is with the client-side, then follow the steps below to fix the problem.

When this error occurs, you may see an error code displayed on the screen like below:

On the PC screen error code may display in one of the following ways;


Reasons behind Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7

When you trigger this error, the reason may be one of the listed points;

  • Corruption of Windows update database.
  • Maybe because of a poor internet connection.
  • Antivirus is configured to scan some software distribution folder.
  • May be service Background Intelligent Transfer Service does not receive a content link.
  • Incorrect registration of required system file. 

How to fix the error 80072efe?

Find simple methods we listed here to fix the problem of occurrence of Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7. We will be glad if these steps help you.

Method1: We suggest you open and run the Windows update troubleshooter. Then check the state; it may solve the problem.

Method2: Still, we suggest you run the Fixit to reset the Windows update components.


  • Hit Window key + R button, type services.msc, and enter.
  • Find Window Update service – right-click on it, and go to properties.
  • Choose Enable in Startup type and hit on the start keyword.
  • And right-click on the Windows update service.

Method4: If the reason for the error is the server itself, then wait for few minutes Microsoft servers themselves fix the issue.

Method5: Reboot the router and PC to solve the internet connection problem. And use Antivirus scanners.

Final Verdict

We hope the article helped you know why the error encounter and the steps to fix the issue. Error is common in Windows due to internet connection or virus problem. Try the simple methods to solve the case if the problem continues; we suggest you contact the right team or research online.

If you know anything about Error 80072efe Windows Update Windows 7, please feel free to share your words in the comments section below.


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    No need to bang your head on wall… Just download UPDATE PATCH KB3138612 for windows 7 or your os platform and then install.
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