Error DF Mirage {Feb 2021} Read & Know All About Errors!

Error DF Mirage 2021.

Error DF Mirage {Feb 2021} Read & Know All About Errors! >> Want to save your appliance and deal with the various errors? Read this one to find & resolve.

Do you want a solution for the error in DF? Then read the article Error DF Mirage for the answersThe code DF is a defrost notification, which occurs when the coil automatically ices the unit and goes into defrost. After the clearing of ice, it should go to its regular operation. 

The device cannot do well if there is a defrost sensor failureThe problem is occurring for the users of Mexicoand the United States

What is the DF error code?

It is not a direct fault and happens when the equipment is in the state of defrosting. It usually occurs when an “Anti-Cool Wave” function is performed. Many types of Error DF Mirage can occur. One of them arises due to the opening of the circuit in the condenser pipe device. In this condition, false contact can be checked. 

DF mode arises whenever the air conditioner goes to a defrost mode cycle to remove the frost from the external coil. The displayed DF functions as an error code.

What to check if the condenser is faulty?

Users of Mexico and the United States must check the current of the compressor and the status of the capacitor. Also, there is a need to examine the motor, high & low pressures, and blade. Also, the obstruction of the coil can be corrected. 

E5 error in Error DF Mirage

In this error, the motor speed of the evaporator goes less than 200 PRM. In that condition, an eye on a clogged engine or turbine can be kept. Also, a bad capacitor can be the case. This error again occurs due to a disconnected and damaged speed sensor.

E6 and E7 error code 

It happens because of the failure of the mainboard. During this error, the replacement of the card is possible. The other error of E7 error occurs because of a communication failure. Users must check on the interconnection cable, compressor winding, and irregular current ingesting in the capacitor.

E8 error code in Error DF Mirage

This error happens because of the abnormal temperature found in the evaporator coil. Frostbite can be the reason for the cooling unit. Also, there is a problem with head overheating.

The users can fix it by verifying the ceiling and return space that must be at least 12 cm. The dirty evaporator or clogged turbine may be the cause as well. This error is also shown due to a low RPM on the motor of the evaporator. An excess of refrigerant can also make an error. 


Whenever the abovementioned errors occur, the system stops its automatic operation. In an Error DF Mirage, the air conditioner warms the room. We recommend the users not to switch pushing buttons until the process of defrosting is over. 

If users have driven all types of switches, the power plug must be taken from the mains and then put back again after 15 minutes. In this way, the unit resets itself again. 

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