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Ervg Club Scam [June] Is It legit or Not?

Ervg Club Scam 2020

Ervg Club Scam [June] Is It legit or Not? -> It is an online website that sells air pods at a lower cost than the market.

We all love to listen to good music, and many people are switching towards earphones and watch TV on computers without avoiding the noise. Thanks to the advancement of technology, headsets are becoming wireless. The internet is flooded with a variety of earphones that has become evident equipment in everyone’s household. So before heading for the purchases, it is essential for you to to see if Ervg Club Scam or not? It is a United State company that is launching its product in the market. 

What is Ervy Club?

Ervy Club is an online website that sells air pods pro along with wireless charging cases and lots more. The company sells hot selling products on its platform. The company claims that it buys its products from manufacturing units, to avoid an extra burden on your pocket. They usually wrap up your ears, and ear cushions are often present to provide comfort to the internal ear skin. The air pods have kits that are enabled in the earpiece which have button and track selection facility. 

To know more about the company, we would like you to read the entire article. It gives you a clear depiction about the company. 

What are the specifications of ervg club?

The specifications of ervg club are:

  • Website:
  • Address: 130 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo,
  • NY 14202-2498, United States
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned
  • Mailing Address: Susie@Vip2seo.Com
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

How to use air pods?

The Air pods work on the technology of Bluetooth. You have to plug a little module into the nano headphone jack, and you will be able to enjoy your favourite music. That too from a remote distance as much as 30 feet from your iPod. 

Is an official website? is not at all an official website. The website is very new, and the company has taken its domain four months back. The website does not have cash on the delivery facility as you are required to pay for the product with a credit card or PayPal. Also, the site does not have SSL certification. So the chances are higher that any scam can happen with you. Due to its low popularity, not many people visit the website. You will not see the owner’s name at any side of the homepage. It would be best if you researched it on your end as well. You cannot even contact their customer support panel as the company has not mentioned its contact number. 

What are the advantages of

  • The air pods are sturdy, durable and accompany for years.
  • They will not fall from your ears when you run.
  • It ensures superb sound quality. 
  • You are free to stroll everywhere while wearing them, as they will not disappoint you. 
  • The air pods are miniature and have built-in speakers that fit perfectly into our ears. 

What are the disadvantages of air pods?

  • It isn’t easy to find in a bag or pocket. 
  • You can lose them quickly due to their small size. 
  • You cannot use them on the street, as the chances are higher than anyone can steal them. 
  • The air pods are not at all pocket friendly. 

What are the customer reviews for

The customers have posted mixed reviews regarding as few of them did not receive the right quality product as their sound quality was not at all-sufficient. Also, the delivery of the product took more than the expected time. Many customers have said that they bought their air pods from this website due to its lower cost. But their experience turned out to be a bad one. 

They said that they would never recommend this company to their friends or relatives as they were not at all happy with them. 


As per the words of the company, it claims that it sells only superior quality products. And do not compromise with the satisfaction level of their beloved customer. But still, before trusting this company, we recommend you to research thoroughly about the company as it will help you a lot in building trust in the company. After all, it’s your hard-earned money, and we do not want that it should go wasted. So take care of it. 

You can also share your experience with us if you have dealt with this company before. 

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