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Estonia Wordle {May} Know The Game Related Details!

Check out this article to learn about Estonia Wordle. The below-given article has explained everything in the article.

How many wordles have you played so far? Have you played Worldle? This trending word-guessing game has now reached every sphere of the world. Since its launch in late January 2022 and gaining intense popularity Worldwide, numerous other word puzzle games showed up publicly with their methods and ideas. Similarly, Worldle is the game for you if you want to check your geographical knowledge. Go through this article on Estonia Wordle to learn more.

What is the answer?

You can try many wordle-inspired games like Weaver, Poeltl, Herdle, etc. Worldle with an ‘L’ is one among them, where you need to guess country names following the hints provided during gameplay. For the 26th May game, six guesses, as always given, were provided. 

The answer to the 26th May 2022 Worldle was surely confusing. Even though the country’s outline through default mode was shown, it was quite a hassle to figure out the answer. So what exactly is the answer? The answer was “ESTONIA.” It is a possibility that you wouldn’t have heard that name before.

More on Estonia Game answer

Word games have been played and enjoyed all over the world because of their straightforward gameplay. The 125th answer of the Worldle game was a little tough for the daily players to guess as well. 

The hints suggested it be a country of Europe, with seven letters, famous for dense woods and starting with the letter “E.” Do not be disappointed if you hear that name for the first time. Though, you can question the time you spent in your geography classes. Estonia Wordle answer surprised a lot of players. But after one heck of nerve-racking guessing, you probably never forget that name.

How to play Worldle?

You would have played wordle, but what about Worldle? Worldle (L) is a similar guessing game, but this one mainly focuses on the name of the countries, not on words. 

Playing it is easy. Each day you’ll be given a country name to guess and its silhouette. You will get six chances to guess the correct answer. The best part, you will also get decent hints along the way. 

As appeared on the recent Estonia Game, it also tells you how far you are from the guessed country whenever you make a wrong attempt. It will show you the direction you have to travel to get the answer. 

Final Verdict

Summing up, we can say that the answer for Worldle on 26th May 2022 was a strenuous exercise for our brain. But good thing we got to learn a country name, location, features, and many more stuff, thanks to this game. 

And there could be some who might have disabled the silhouette mode and answered the name in a single guess. Read more.

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