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In an opportunity to revive his career, Evander Kane Toronto Maple Leafs could be the combination for this NHL season.

It is rumoured that the Toronto Maple Leaf’s team is interested in signing Evander Kane. Some other teams in Canada are also interested in signing him. A source has disclosed that Kane is willing to play for a championship contender like Evander Kane Toronto Maple Leafs even on a lesser amount than that usual. 

Evander Kane is willing to play for $1-$2 million for two years for a championship contender. Undoubtedly, there are various offers that his office is right now receiving. For Kane, this is a chance to repair his tattered reputation. 

Who is Evander Kane?

Evander Kane is an Ice hockey player who plays independently for different teams as a free agent in the National Hockey league (NHL). Kane won the Memorial Cup of the Western Hockey League in 2007. Evander has also won gold medals for Team Canada at a memorial tournament. 

Evander Kane Toronto Maple Leafs suffered injuries during the 2010-11 season of the NHL while playing for Winnipeg ,Atlanta Thrashers, Jets, Buffalo Sabres and San Jose sharks. 

Controversies of Evander Kane

Evander Frank Kane was sued for harassment in the year 2016. The charges were made by a lady who accused Kane of assaulting her in a hotel. She alleged that Kane attacked her after they met at a party. The allegations were that she had to undergo multiple surgeries to recover from the assault. Kane pleaded not guilty to the charges but surrendered later on to the police. Thus, Evander Kane Toronto Maple Leafs is a chance for Kane to rebuild his reputation. 

In 2019, he was also sued for not paying gambling debts. The case went on and is still sub judice. In the meantime, in 2021, Kane filed for bankruptcy, declaring having $26.8 million in debt. His estranged wife also accused him of betting on his team’s match. The NHL dismissed the allegations after a thorough investigation. Afterwards, the same woman made allegations of domestic violence against Evander Kane. These also were dismissed by the NHL. Evander was then accused of violating the Covid-19 protocols after submitting a fake vaccine card to the authorities. 

Evander Kane Toronto Maple Leafs: Comeback to NHL

To repair his maligned reputation, Kane is trying to associate himself with a championship contender. He possibly wants to win a trophy, which can help him redefine his career. After the controversies, there would be qualms regarding taking Kane to the team. But, the rewards of associating with him can outnumber the malaise that comes with him. Maple leafs are a contender, possibly associating Kane with itself. 


Evander Frank Kane is trying to become a part of a championship-contending team for the upcoming NHL season. Evander Kane Toronto Maple Leafs could be the combination we may watch this season. For Kane, this is an opportunity to rebuild their career. For the Maple Leafs, Kane’s presence could be an advantage. To know more, see Maple Leafs Reportedly Interested in Evander Kane.

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