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Facebook Avatar Scam (May) Understand Truth and Decide!

Facebook Avatar Scam 2020

Facebook Avatar Scam (May) Understand Truth and Decide! >> This article includes the information, benefits, and user reviews of the Facebook bitmoji like Avatar.

An expression is the way of reaction after observation, and our response comes out after the result speaks loud with our movement of facial bones. In social media, there are lots of emoji available to express our reaction without using words. It will sometime depict more clearly as compares to using words. So, Facebook Avatar Scam is not a scam soon; it will be launched worldwide.

That is why, like other messaging applications, Facebook has announced its launch Bitmoji like Avatars, which will use your face instead of any cartoon figure for expression. The beta version has already been tested in a few countries like Australia, New Zealand, and a few European countries. This week the avatar feature will be introduced in the United State as per the report.

Earlier the feature was tested in few parts of the US. The bitmoji concept is not new; few messaging applications and android devices have already pre-equipped with this feature, app like snap chat is using the face mix feature where you can wear the facemask of any celebrity. In Samsung mobile devices, bitmoji has already introduced in the year 2018.

The application use the actual image of the user and convert that into bitmoji characters, where you can change the attires, glasses, and wear accessories. Now Facebook has completed its beta testing, and they are now ready with the concept.

How to use this Bitmoji Avatar application?

The application can be used in any Android or IOS support device.

The steps are:

  • Click on the three dots on your Facebook application.
  • Scroll down and click on see more option
  • Select and click on Avatars option
  • Click on next button, and here you go
  • Choose your skin tone.
  • Then choose the type of hairstyle you want. You can also select the eyebrows, nose, lips, body shape, facial hair, and outfit.
  • If you want detailed editing, then you can click on more option where you will get lots of option for detail editing
  • After completing all the detailing, click the tick button on the top right to check the Avatar you’ve made.
  • Then click on the done option, now you are ready to use it as a sticker or emoji.      

Is the feature available in all countries?

No, currently, the feature is in beta testing. In most countries, the trial has been completed successfully. The public are enjoying this new feature and hope it will be released soon worldwide.

Is the avatar feature availed on both Facebook and messenger application?

At first, Facebook is planning to put this feature either on the Facebook app or in the messenger app. The final decision will be clear after the confirmation by the officials.

About the Application

The bitmoji application is not new to social media, and previously the features are used in other platforms like snapchat, Gen Z app, and by the third-party application. The application is of two types. First, one is anime-type, and the second one is of real-time face recognition emoji. In real-time face, emoji was earlier introduced by the Samsung in Note 8 series.

Benefits of the Bitmoji like Avatar?

  • You can create the Avatar of yourself, of your friends and family.
  • You can use these avatars as a sticker to express yourself.
  • Say bye to the old way of sending emojis of sad, happy, and lol and enjoy the upgraded version of avatar emoji.
  • You can change the hair colors, outfits; and give a lookalike of any celebrity to your personalized Avatar.
  • Facebook Avatar Scam is not a scam it will be introduced in all the FB platform soon.

What are the reactions of Facebook users?

The Facebook Avatar maker is a fresh new feature to express ourselves instead of suing that old way of sending emojis of sad, happy, lol, and other. Here you can be yourself. The user says that they are enjoying this application as they can now directly send their emotions and reactions. The best part is the attire and the hairstyle, which they can change anytime.

The anime avatar is an excellent feature to interact with and to make the application more compelling. Kids will enjoy this application one Facebook user says that this feature was missing in the FB application platform. Still, now it completes the app, it will be exciting to see the next update of this version where we can expect the next level of emoji.

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