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Factle Wordle {March} Playing Guide, Official Link

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This article is all about the Factle Wordle game, an online game based on facts. You will find all the details like the gameplay, rules,etc.

The world is now familiar with games like Wordle, nerdle, and hurdle. Have you ever played Factle? People Worldwide are thrilled to know about the Factle Gameplay. The Factle Gameplay is different from Wordle. Although the rules are the same, the game is different.

This article will discuss the gameplay, platform, rules, and everything about the Factle Wordle game.

Brief on Factle

Factle Gameplay is developed by Garrett Scott. Factle Gameplay, as the name implies, is a game based on facts. In this game, players will be given a fact question each day. Players have to guess the answer and place it in the right block.

The game can be played on the official website of the Factle app. You can also watch the previous facts on the Instagram page of the game. After playing the game once a day, you can play again after midnight.

How to play the Factle Game?

In the Factle Gameplay, a fact is given at the top, and various options are provided. Players have to put the words given in the options in the correct top 5 rankings. You can take help from Wikipedia or any other source to find the correct order. There are 25 blocks and 23 options. In these blocks, players have to enter the correct order of words as per the given fact.

For example- The Factle fact of the day is the heaviest animal on Earth(as per top weight). After this, blocks will be given where the answers will be entered in the Factle Wordle game.

The options like Brown Bear, Orca, Rhinoceros, Giant Squid, Moose, Elephant Seal, Camel, Tiger, Crocodile, and many others. Players have to put these words correctly in the top-five ranking.

Rules of Factle Gameplay

The rules are as simple as that in the Wordle game. Five columns and five rows are given where players have to enter their guess. After filling the first row and pressing the enter button, the colours will change that indicates the following:-

  • If the tile turns Green, the guess is in the right row and incorrect right position.
  • If the tile turns yellow after submitting the answer in Factle Wordle, the guess is in the correct row but the wrong position.
  • After you put the first five words, the colour of the tiles will change and indicate the correct order. Then again, you have to enter the name of animals as per the top five ranks.
  • You will be given five rows, which means you have five tries to guess the correct order.


The Factle app is an online game that can be played on the official website of the Factle Gameplay. The game is easy to play and has different gameplay than the Wordle game, making Factle Wordle more interesting. Players have to guess the top five ranks of a given fact. Visit this link to know more about the Factle app.

What are your views on the Factle app? Comment in the comment section.

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