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Fahlo Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Offer A Legit Deal?

Fahlo Online Website Reviews

The article holds valid Fahlo Reviews regarding the site that sells animal tracking bracelets.

Do you want to save wildlife and animals? If yes, then join us in this blog post to find out how. 

Animal and wildlife conservation are incredibly essential as millions of species are dying every day due to many reasons such as atmospheric conditions and changes in the earth’s climate etc. In the study, it is found that many endangered species will disappear from the world forever after some years. Due to this reason, Fahlo has taken several steps forward to save animal life. 

People from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada actively participate in the journey. Let’s learn about the site’s legitimacy in these Fahlo Reviews.

What is Fahlo?

Fahlo is the online website associated with the non-profit organization that sells bracelets that come with an actual animal to track. Moreover, the website aims to educate people about wildlife or animals to excite them for conservation. 

As we all know that nearly all species of sea turtles are categorized as endangered. The Fahlo partnered with the sea turtle conservancy, and it is also sharing its 10% of net profits to the organization.

Besides that, the Fahlo has also tied knots with many organizations to save the animals such as polar bears, sharks, turtles, elephants, etc. 

But, before ordering its bracelet must check Is Fahlo Legit or not.

What are the T&C of Fahlo?

  • Website links-
  • Products- bracelets 
  • Domain creation date-12/05/2021
  • Newsletter-provided 
  • Shipping charges- free shipping on order over $50
  • Shipping period- not mentioned 
  • Return policy- within 30 business days 
  • Refund policy- within some days 
  • Payment method- MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and PayPal
  • Email address-
  • Company address- 1809 W Frankford Rd. #160 Carrollton, Texas 75007
  • Contact number- not mentioned

Before involving yourself in the animal tracking journey must read these Fahlo Reviews.

What are the positive pointers of ordering from Fahlo?

  • The website is HTTPS save.
  • It holds valid social media links on it.
  • It is offering free shipping on orders over $50.
  • It claims to save animals and also donates its profit for animal conservation.
  • There are positive customer reviews mentioned on the website. 

What are the negative pointers of ordering from Fahlo?

  • The site is newly established.
  • The contact number is missing from the website. 

Is Fahlo Legit?

In this section, people will learn about the legitimacy of the website that claims to save endangered species and wildlife. Moreover, the website also shares 10% of its net profit with the organization that takes care of animals. But, the website’s domain is newly registered, and it raises many doubts in our head related to the website’s validity. 

Kindly read the following pointers to clarify your confusion.

  • Content quality- the site holds in-depth information about its projects and missions. 
  • Website policy- the site has not mentioned in detail all its policies. 
  • Customer remarks-On the official portal, there are decent Fahlo Reviews mentioned, and the site has gained excellent ratings from the online feedback portals.  
  • Website domain registration date- the website’s domain name is 12/05/2021that means the site is only six months old. 
  • Website domain expiration date- the site’s domain is valid till 12/05/2023.
  • Social media links- the site holds active social media links on it, and it has gained immense popularity on its Facebook page. 
  • Alexa rank- the website’s Alexa rank is 582340.
  • Trust score- The website’s trust score is poor that is 33% only. 
  • Trust rank-the site’s trust rank is also disappointing as it is 6.9%.
  • Unrealistic offers- there are no additional offers mentioned on the official site.

What are the shoppers’ Fahlo Reviews?

Fortunately, we have received positive shopper reviews on the official portal under each of the bracelets. However, from the official Facebook page, we found out the website has a good fan following. Many people have asked about the use of the bracelet and have shown interest in the animal-saving mission. 

On the other hand, the website has received the 4.7 stars rating from the Trustpilot and also managed to gain decent reviews. In case you have lost your amount on e-portal through paypal then check out here.

The Final Verdict

In the end of these Fahlo Reviews, we concluded that the website had gained a decent response from its shoppers, and it also has gained popularity on its social media platforms. But, still, we suggest everybody research well before entering your card details on the website to avoid any risk of getting scammed. It is recommended to go through all the available reviews before making any decision. In case you have experienced any online scam via credit card, then check here.

Do you have any experience with this website? Please share below in the feedback box provided.

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