Fahrenheit Scam (March 2022) Some Facts-Checking Here!

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The guide shares details about the Fahrenheit Scam to alert the traders and the Fahrenheit members.  

Scams in crypto trading are not a new phenomenon as it is common, and many people are being scammed every day. Recently, a trading robot in Indonesia has been collapsed for committing scams. 

Fahrenheit’s trading robot company has experienced a decline or downfall recently, which is recorded and shared by a YouTube artist, Roy Shakti. He announced the downfall of the trading robot company on 7th March 2022, Monday on his YouTube Channel.

Soon after the announcement, many people started enquiring about Fahrenheit Scam. There are a couple of details shared by the YouTube artist. 

Briefing About Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is a trading robot company situated in Indonesia, and it works on crypto trading automatically using the online broker Lotus International LLC. The trading robot has been serving in the niche since July 2021. The trading robot claims to earn 1% of the trading per day with 30% earning per month before profit sharing. 

The robot trade manually and is assisted by an Expert Advisor or robot. Recently, the trading robot has been rumored as a scam deliberately made by a margin call or MC. The situation has made many traders nervous. 

What is the Fahrenheit Scam?

Fahrenheit is the trading robot considered a scam intentionally made by a margin call. As a part of a scam, the member accounts are experiencing losses in the trader’s communication group. 

According to the financial expert Roy Shakti, there is a margin call occurring to the accounts of Fahrenheit members. The view shows members’ accounts are suffering from losses consistently. The MC mode is carried out by the management team of the trading robot, leading to Fahrenheit Scam

The situation has made all members nervous, and they are wondering how to overcome such scams. However, the management has promised to do WD for the members. Fahrenheit and its associates are blocked by CoFTRA and considered an illegal trading robot.

Who Reported the Scam?

On 7th March 2022, a financial expert shared a video on his YouTube channel, and his name is Roy Shakti, who unveiled and reported the scam. He recorded the downfall of the trading robot. Moreover, he shared a screenshot displaying the member’s accounts are suffering significant losses in the trader communication group. 

He revealed that a margin call occurred to one of the member’s accounts, leading to Fahrenheit Scam. He shared a video where a member lost all his deposits, showing a minus balance. Finally, the authorities have MCed in bulk and blocked the trading robot.


Fahrenheit is a trading robot company that aids in trading online. However, a scam is going on, revealed and reported by a financial expert, Roy Shakti, on his YouTube Channel. It reveals that the member’s accounts are undergoing Margin Calls, and hence a scam is going on where accounts are suffering losses. 

The Fahrenheit Scam was reported on 7th March to alert the Fahrenheit Scam members. Anyone trading with the robot must check the accounts to see if the account suffered MC. Plus, ensure learning the tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam

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