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Faicult Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

Faicult Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website? >> If you are confused about the legitimacy of this website then this post will be a sure help for you. Read our review about Faicult ecommerce website.

There are numerous cases discovered where famous sites ravaged ordinary people with false guarantees. They make fake exposure to drag the client’s fascination with the goal that they can set up themselves as a brand. Yet, is doesn’t imply that each new site should accept it as a suspicious site.

More often than not, it happens when any new site is propelled; it not ready to drive adequate traffic to the site. It might be because of inappropriate advertising and methodologies. Different instruments and procedures are utilized to rank the first spot on google. However, imagine a scenario where the site is phony?

In this article, we would like to discuss faicult.com and about faicult com reviews. There are more than millions of website launch every month and every day, and it is difficult to drive traffic and to take the trust of the customers because of awareness about fake websites. So, without having any social media presence and external link, it becomes difficult to establish any e-commerce company as a brand.

There are several websites and e-commerce Company in the United State, which is closed due to not gaining enough popularity. The reason may be many like strategies on digital platforms and may be due to inappropriate use of SEO content.

What is faicult.com?

It is an e-commerce website not more than eight months old having a wide range of products like furniture’s, outdoor products, poultry care items, gym equipment and many more items. They have many questions which is used for household things.

It is not having any suspicious activities until now because the website is more than eight months old. The site is not having enough traffic, which ensures the website. But there are few points that the website is not up to the mark as an aware customer point of view like its domain name. Faicult.com is using third party services for customer assistance e-mail address which lacks the quality of the website.

Faicult.com is having some unique products like poultry cage, sports and gym equipment which you can also install at home. They also have portable swimming tub made with nylon fibre plastic, which is very useful and kids will going to enjoy. The best part is that you can return the product within 14 days if you think that the product is not fit for you or maybe any reason. The company will refund you all the amount.

More often than not, individuals pull in an unpleasant commercial by the phony site to buy an item at a modest cost. This sort of movement ought to be maintained a strategic distance from and ought to adhere to some essential standards before purchasing on the web. The administration gives a few rules on open intrigue. However, individuals maintain a strategic distance from those rules to exploit the offers and limits.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Faicult.com)

Pros of Faicult.com

  • Company is selling unique items like products used for poultry and farming
  • You can set up you own personal gym at home because you can get all the gym equipment form the website at an affordable price.
  • They have a wide range of indoor and outdoor products like showcase items, BBQ grill, free TV and multipurpose stand.
  • The connection is secure of the transaction with SSL server.

Cons of Faicult.com

  • The proprietor of the site not enlisted the physical location of the organization, which sounds fishy. 
  • If you return any defective got item, at that point, you need to fill the structure in the arrival segment or can contact through mail, even though there is no suspicious exercises wellspring to date.
  • They don’t have their domain server which shows the standard of the website.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • The discount procedure will take some time. In the interim, any client can contact the organization for refreshes. 
  • The organization don’t take a shot at crossing out strategy after you got the item 
  • At the hour of restoring the item, the client should send the receipt of the arranged item as evidence. 
  • You can restore the item before the organization put in your request for conveyance. The organization won’t acknowledge the item after that.

Final Verdict

This article is about faicult.com, which is an online e-commerce store. The information provided in this article is based on research over the internet and upon faicult com reviews. This article is neither favouring nor defaming the faicult.com by any mean. The final decision totally depends upon you.

0 thoughts on “Faicult Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

  1. I got scanned. I was buying a hot tub for 100.77 dollars and they took my money and took down the website didn’t receive my tub. Lesson learned

  2. I ordered a hot tub totally got scammed even paid extra for fast delivery still have not received anything! Do not order from this place😡

  3. Got scammed as well. Placed an order in 4/7/20 and didn’t receive any confirmation email (suspicious). Took a screenshot showing the purchase. I emailed them 4 days ago + today and no answer. When I tried to re open the link to the portable inflatable hot tub it doesn’t exist anymore. How can we report to authorities? This website should be taken down

    1. What email are you emailing to? I too purchased the hot tub and right after I purchased all information on it just disappeared. Really need to find out about this and get my money back

  4. Ordered a pool for my grand children beginning of April. Money was take. Out of my account from a company named Tasty-Treats. Called them and they had no idea what I was talking about. Still have not received the pool. Called BBB and my lawyer. My lawyer found this company does not exists but is still investigating. When fraud is found I am pressing charges for theft.

  5. Scammed for 49.99$ No product!! F*##ing ridiculous. I bought a piece of furniture I’ve been wanting for a very long time and after reading all your comments…it’s been a month, and nothing. How can this exist? And that’s super shifty of people. Saw it on FB as well. And I’ve been off work due to COVID and trying to be smart w my money..thought it was a super amazing deal! Obviously NOT! Add me to the list of wanting to report!

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  7. Thank you all for reporting. I had 6 items in my cart for FAICULT..COM. It just seemed to good to be true. Glad I found your comments first.

  8. I never received any email as to when my order would be shipped as they stated. I did contact them via email-their response was it would take up to 30 days for product. I told them to cancel my order and refund my money but never heard back so that’s when I contacted my bank and disputed the charges as fraudulent activity

  9. Yes my name is Tracy Cotton and I was ONE of the very awful bunch of people who has gotten took by faicultcut I ordered a adult and a child laptop and tablet from them and it said at the end of my check out that order could NOT be accepted and order didn’t get complete BUT when I received a email from my checking account bank it stated that it was the money had been taken out of my checking account a total of 19.87 total my question is how do I go about GETTING my money back please if anyone knows how I can go about GETTING my money back from this website please reply to my message ok THANKS so much. My gmail account addresse is lynncotton161@gmail.com and my phone number is 256 525 6904

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