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This article gives the latest information about the new album from TDE featuring Family Ties Lyrics Kendrick Lamar and his career.

Kendrick was not in the news after he released his last album in 2017. However, during the pandemic, Kendrick’s fans Worldwide were eager to hear from him. And finally, Kendrick broke his silence this month! Did you know what announcement was made by Kendrick recently? What is Kendrick currently focusing on? Do you want to know about his background and early career? 

In this article, we bring you information about recent happening in the life of Family Ties Lyrics Kendrick

Who is Kendrick?

Kendrick is a famous rapper. He is popularly known as the “new king of hip hop” and “KDot” on the stage. Kendrick was born on 17th June 1987; he is 34 years old. His mother named him in honor of famous songwriter and singer Eddie Kendricks. His father was a Gangster Disciple, and Kendrick grew around the gang members. Kendrick was raised with the help of the Section-8 housing fund. 

Kendrick’s mother admitted that he was shy, quiet, and lonely until he was seven. When Kendrick was eight years old, he was inspired by Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre filming a music video. 

What is happening in Family Ties Lyrics Kendrick: 

  • Kendrick announced a few days back that he is in the final stages of partnership with Top Dawg Entertainment(TDE) for releasing a new album. Kendrick also stated that it would be the final album with TDE.
  • At first, Kendrick informed that his cousin Baby Keem would be a part of the new album. But, as per the latest news, Baby Keem had informed that he has dropped out from Family Ties new album. More information on Kendrick’s announcement is awaited.
  • Kendrick stated that he was writing songs and working on soundtracks during the pandemic with his recent appearance.
  • In 2020, Family Ties Lyrics Kendrick had started a new company by the name pgLang. 
  • His last album with TDE and announcement of pgLang is sighted as a step towards developing pgLang company.
  • Kendrick’s performance was used to compliment Baby Keem’s performance. Kendrick’s fans wonder about Baby Keem as Kendrick’s vocals and music accompanied his performance. 
  • In 2016, Kendrick was among the 100 most influential people list published by Time Magazine. 
  • Kendrick showed interest in music since he was eight years old. 
  • He listened to rappers Eminem, Lil Wayne, Rakim, and Dr. Dre during his childhood. These music artists influenced Family Ties Lyrics Kendrick style.
  • It is approximated that he had earned $180 million overall with his performance. 
  • In 2021, his net worth was valued at approximately $75 million.
  • Kendrick’s fans are eagerly awaiting his new album.


Kendrick was nominated for 399 awards, out of which he had won 160 awards. It includes thirteen Grammy Awards to his credit. We will know about Kendrick’s performance with Baby Keem soon as Kendrick seems to be focusing on pgLang. Kendrick made a great career with his talent in music. 

Did you watch Good Kid ? Do let us know your views about this Family Ties Lyrics Kendrick Lamar’s album.

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