What Do You Get At Dodbuzz?

Dodbuzz works as an independent review website. We are known for researched article, informative content and e-books. All this is available without any charges, yes, free for our visitors. Dodbuzz is a reputed website and turns out as a great place for businesses to interact with their consumers.

We work without any association with reviewed brands. However, we do have some affiliate relationships and we have disclosure about such relationships over our website.

Why Are We Seeing Ads On This Website?

Well, we are offering a consumer review website and all this is coming to you after lots of research, editing and graphics work. Certainly, this comes with a cost. These ads are nothing, but our primary income source.

However, we work to offer you an enjoyable experience over Dodbuzz. Thus, we are practicing best publishing practices to place these ads without troubling your reading experience.

Why are we seeing ads of products criticized by you?

Yes, it is possible that you are seeing ads of such product which were given poor ratings by our research team. This has a genuine reason. We are using Google Adsense and few other ad networks. We can’t control the presence of advertisements over these places.

As per your browsing habits, you will get ads from the available pool. If that company is using Google ad facility then you might see their promotional content too.

Do You Get Money For Giving Positive Rating?

We work in an honest manner to offer relevant information to our readers. Artificial boost in the rating of a product or service is certainly not possible over Dodbuzz. This is totally against our editorial practices.

We like to ensure our readers that this will never happen over this website.

What is the procedure of star rating calculation for a service or product? 

Average rating of submitted reviews will create the final star rating. Well, this is the simple procedure. Dodbuzz never impacts the star rating to any product. Each review post will impact the star rating in similar way and the result will completely base upon given rating in this individual reviews.

Can One Trust Dodbuzz’s consumer reviews?

We are in this business for a quite reasonable time. We are having a decent procedure of product review and also, editorial process. We are giving time for manual review to each submitted review from our registered users.

Do We Get To Pay For Adding Products To This Website?

Answer of this question is No. We have an editorial team which finds out the products to review about. If a company comes to request for addition of its product or service, we might add it in our forthcoming reviews when the product or service matches our set guidelines. Well, this addition will be free in that scenario. We have not charged for this and we will never charge for this task in future too.

What are the guidelines for consumer review?

We are quite attentive about posting reviews. We ensure that posted reviews should be helpful and informative. Yes, each submitted feedback in form of review passes our screening process and that is quite strict as we want to help consumers in getting trustworthy products in their desired category.

Thus, posted consumer review should have important information and not even slightly indicate fraudulent activity. Among the key features, first one is the submission should be from truthful accounts. It means verified users will only be considered for our screening process.

Posted reviews should be in good formatting and should not be having any kind of grammar error.

We also avoid consumer reviews having plagiarism, hate speech and even self-promotion. Consumer should also submit proof of purchase with the posted review. We don’t publish reviews from those who have not purchased that concerned product.

For more details, please check our Guidelines for Review page.

What crafts a good quality review?

That should provide rich insight about the product or service. Reviewer should share personal experience and only relevant details. Remember, Dodbuzz is not the forum website to share opinions on social issues and other talks. Reviewer should exhibit his/her passion while writing review. Yes, we love to see the true emotion coming in front of your reader. While writing, one should refrain his/her writing from profanity as well as hate speech. One should also avoid poor formatting. Last and least, hired reviewers are not allowed.

Why doesn’t your posted review get right away published?

A review might turn the purchasing decision of readers. Thus, we need to take a good amount of responsibility. We must have a review process over the submitted consumer reviews. Thus, we have the same in place. We are doing manual review of each posted review. 

As a result, one posted review will take some time to get published. Henceforth, your posted review is usually taking 5-7 business days to get published over Dodbuzz.

Do we edit your reviews?

Yes, we do have this right of editing your reviews as we need to censoring profanity, look for spelling errors, grammar error and also, work over formatting to boost the user experience level for our website.

Certainly, we never work to change the meaning of review and given star rating by the reviewer.

Can User update given rating and the content of review?

Yes, you can do so. You just need to login into your Dodbuzz account, check your reviews and select the desired review to update. You can update title, star rating and even the whole content of the posted review. However, your update will also go through the existing screening process before getting published.

Can User delete the review?

User can’t delete the review at their end. In case, you need to delete the one due to some conditions then you need to first inform us about the same. You can do the same using contact us form.

Please remember to mention your email id. This will help us in contacting you in a proper manner. We need to understand the reasons behind this request of deleting the posted review.

Does a Dodbuzz account for user come free?

Yes, user accounts for all Dodbuzz users are totally free. It was free and it will always remain free for all users.

What do Dodbuzz do with personal information of users?

While we are taking little personal information, we ensure your information will always remain safe with us. You should visit our privacy policy page for more detailed information in this regard.

Can Users delete their account?

Yes, Dodbuzz users can get account deletion facility. You just need to use contact form to inform us in this regard and we will do the needful.

I have messaged you via available contact form and nothing received as a reply?

We try our best to read and reply each message. However, we can’t revert back over all received messages. We are also not going to assist in issues related to any of products, services or companies posted on Dodbuzz. Considering this, your email should be relevant to our website and you will see that you are getting a reply.

However, we suggest you to read our pages like FAQ, Privacy Policy, Guidelines for review pages, About Us, before writing to us. It will save your time and you might get answer of your query over these pages too.