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Farah Diyanah Scam (Dec 2021) Let Us Check Review Here!

Do you want to infer and examine facts to prove Is Farah Diyanah Scam? If yes, then let us help you with this write-up.

Do you love music? Hunting for a gift shop offering products at a good cost? Then, let us inform you of its authenticity. 

Studies show that music heals and improves the mental ability of a person. In addition, it makes someone’s mood, allowing them to feel all emotions. 

Thus, the Singapore people consider music a vital part of their lives. Thus, we will scan a website to find its services in this writing. Also, we will identify clues on the Farah Diyanah Scam

Is Farah Diyanah A Reliable Website?

  • Trust Score- 60% score is earned. 
  • Portal’s Age- The portal is 6 years and 8 months old; 01-04-2015. 
  • Trust Rank- The website has a good trust rank value, i.e., 64.8/100. 
  • Buyer’s opinion- We haven’t found any reviews for Farahdiyanah.com; however, we have extracted mixed user reviews over Facebook of its sister site ‘Themusicalgiftshop.com.’ 
  • Domain Termination Date- 01-04-2022 is the website’s end date. 
  • Alexa Rank- Farahdiyanah.com has no Alexa rank. 
  • Policies offered- The policies are stated. 
  • Discounts- The site is offering rebates.
  • Social connections- According to Farah Diyanah Reviews, the icons of different social platforms are available on Farahdiyanah.com. Moreover, we have also captured the valid Facebook and Instagram links and icons of ‘Themusicalgiftshop.com.’
  • Name of the Owner- Farah Diyanah created the portal. 

About the Site

Farahdiyanah.com is a portal that runs a music school and gifting store. Moreover, we can find different musical sessions and courses at their ‘Fajoah Music School.’ In addition, in their ‘The Musical Gift Shop,’ they sell customizable items like:

  • Music LED Bulb.
  • Music Note Tie.
  • Piano Leather Bag.

Portal’s Key Checkpoints to realize Is Farah Diyanah Scam?

  • The newsletter option is absent on the site, but over ‘themusicalgiftshop.com, the feature is available. 
  • The calling number to ‘themusicalgiftshop.com’ is +61497460418. 
  • PayPal, American Express, VISA, etc. are the payment methods on ‘themusicalgiftshop.com’
  • If you desire to return your item, you must contact them within 7 days. 
  • The official link to access the site is https://www.farahdiyanah.com.
  • You can apply for a refund if you don’t like the product. If approved then, you will get a full refund. 
  • The product’s shipping will take 7- 60 days; it’s prime evidence for the Farah Diyanah Scam
  • The website’s creation date is 01-04-2015, which means it was registered 6 years and 8 months ago. 
  • The gifting shop will not entertain any product exchange until it is damaged. 
  • The website provides music sessions and gift items. 
  • info@themusicalgiftshop.com is the mail address of ‘themusicalgiftshop.com.’ 
  • The delivery of items may consume 3-6 weeks. 
  • The links are available. 

Website’s Strong Points

  • The phone number of the gifting shop is provided.
  • According to the Farah Diyanah Reviews, a 60% trust score and a 64.8/100 trust rank are found for the site. 
  • On ‘themusicalgiftshop.com,’ we have determined the newsletter facility. 
  • The buyer’s opinions for the gifting shop are available. 
  • The website has valid social media links and icons. 

Why Does The Site Seem Problematic?

  • Farahdiyanah.com’s feedback is lacking. 
  • The exchange policy is not explained appropriately. 

Customers’ Feedback

Upon evaluating Farahdiyanah.com, we haven’t accumulated any reviews on different reviewing sites, including Trustpilot. But, for its sister website, ‘themusicalgiftshop.com,’ numerous feedbacks are gained over Facebook, which will assist us to prove Is Farah Diyanah Scam?

Also, on its official site, the users appreciate the item’s quality. In addition, some are commenting that the product’s price is also reasonable. Besides, on Facebook, we have received blended reviews and 4 out of 5 ratings. 

But, on Instagram, no such reviews are noticed; but, it is seen that the clients love their items. Thus, it is seen that Farahdiyanah.com hasn’t gained much appreciation, but ‘themusicalgiftshop.com’ appears to be an authentic site due to the presence of more positive reviews on Facebook. Read here about the credit card scams


The article on Farah Diyanah Scam has introduced us to a site offering musical sessions services and gifting products. In addition, we have found that Farahdiyanah.com has not gained any reviews.

We have also realized that on Facebook , the users are praising the gifting shop’s product. Thus, overall, we can say that Farahdiyanah.com is not a false site. But, still, it is recommended to explore and research well. If PayPal scams have fooled you, learn here. 

Is Farahdiyanah.com legit? Please write to us in the comments box below. 

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