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Farmland NFT {Nov 2021} Grow, Sell And Earn Rewards!

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This article describes a game based on blockchain technology that helps gamers earn money by growing and selling virtual vegetables. Read on Farmland NFT.

Are you looking for a farming simulation game that rewards the gamer with real money? If yes, you are at the right article. Read this article completely to understand more about the popular game based on blockchain technology.

Worldwide fans of farming simulation games are highly excited about the impressive features that this game provides to its users. The game helps to provide a virtual gaming experience and an opportunity to earn while having fun. These innovative features attract more online gamers into experiencing Farmland NFT.

About FarmLand

Farmland is a farming-based game developed on the BSC network to reduce the cost of transactions. The player can choose between two key roles, either as a vegetable seller or grower. This game is designed in such a way that it is easy for even beginners.

The player can create his own farming space based on their farming interest. Vegetables play a major role in this simulation game. Each vegetable has its uniqueness according to its value and rarity. The price of the vegetable increases with its demand on the market and vice-versa.

Farmland NFT

  • The game involves purchasing vegetables during presale and planting them. Each vegetable is unique, and the token price increases according to its rarity.
  • The player can purchase farming land from other gamers by paying the price or renting land for a fee that they need to pay as rent.
  • Initially, the player can only plant three NFT vegetables. These vegetables need to be taken care properly.
  • The time of harvesting varies according to the variety of the planted vegetable. After completing harvesting, the gamer can purchase other vegetables.

User Requirements

  • The Farmland NFT user needs to have a personal wallet on BSC to start playing the game.
  • The user can create an account on MetaMask wallet and connect it with the official website of Farmland.
  • The complete gaming content is available on their official gaming website, where the user can get all information related to presale, events, and other gaming offers.
  • Adding MetaMask wallet to the Chrome browser makes it easy for the user for faster transactions.

Rewards And Withdrawal

  • The user needs to have a minimum of five NFTs to initiate withdrawal requests from the gaming platform. Read on Farmland NFT.
  • Its mandatory for all players to reinvest thirty percent of their profit back into the game to stabilize the economic condition of the game. These profits can be used to purchase characters such as water, farmers, compost, NFT plants, pesticides, etc.
  • The player can either sell their harvested vegetables at the wholesale market or transport them and sell using their trucks to withdraw profits.


Farming-based online simulation games are gaining massive popularity as more people got interested in farming and farming-related activities during the lockdown period. To understand more about this topic, please visit.

Have you tried buying any farming NFTs similar to Farmland NFT? If so, please comment below on your experience.

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