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Fashice.com Reviews [April] Are They Worth the Hype?

Fashice.com Reviews [April] Are They Worth the Hype? -> In this article, get to know how you can buy a variety of wigs online and at a discounted price.

All the beautiful ladies out there! Are you bored with your same hair-do? You need a change, and want a complete change of your hairstyle? Your half of the problem is resolved! Head over to fashice.com.

Most of the women have this misconception of buying wig only if you have a hair loss! Things have changed now, and every woman, even if she has long natural hair, wish to get a change in the hairstyle and thus prefer hair wigs.

However, the central fact is that wigs coming in attractive shapes, colors, and sizes have unquestionably come a long way. To your surprise, ladies with already having natural caress are exploring all the new wig possibilities than are offered in the market.

Fashice.com Reviews depicts that this online site of the attractive wig are doing great. This online store is quite appealing to its customers. It has already been able to get a massive number of audiences in a brief period.

In terms of the demand, this online store of wigs is highly in need in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Thereby it is receiving a lot of positive responses from its buyers.

But, I know this site is quite irresistible, but still, we would like you to read this article first and then find out that is Fashice.com Legit or not?

What is Fashice.com?

Fashice.com is an online store that sells all types of Fashice Wig, for instance, Golden wig, Brown Wig, Black Wig, and White Gold Wig. The best feature is that it has lots of offers going on currently. For instance, if you buy one, you will get one free. It also has many accessories like wig cap, Hair Comb, Hairdress Wig, etc. All these products are at very discountable price.

Why is Fashice.com unique?

Looking attractive is everyone’s mantra nowadays, and wearing new hair is undoubtedly one of them. For a working woman or an artist in cinema, the hair wigs are gaining equal demand among the ladies as compared to any other basic essential!

When you wish to buy a decent wig at low price, buyers can get a little confused that from where to buy and that too at a small budget. Fashice.com is a perfect online store for wigs. It has a variety of wigs along with hair accessories too. 

The reviews of the customers make this site trustworthy. Let me highlight some of its pros, cons, and specifications to get a better understanding of this site.

Specifications of Fashice.com

  • Product: Hair Wig, Hair Detangling Combs, Wig Cap
  • Email:reputation@uspany.com
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 days(Monday to Friday):
  • Shipping Fee: China-USS (10-25$), European line(15-20$)
  • returns: a receipt is required, returns are done in 14 days
  • refunds: Within a few days by the original method of payment
  • mode of payment: Online method of payment

Pros of Fashice.com

  • The hair wigs are available in a huge variety.
  • Easy returns amd refunds are applicable.
  • There are many offers available at each product.
  • The payment is secure as it is online.

Cons of Fashice.com

  • The shipping charge is high.
  • The delivery takes a bit longer.
  • The method of payment is only online.
  • Fee shipping facilities are not provided even at a specific rate like other online stores.

Customer Reviews

As described above, this online site has a lot of positive feedback from the customers. The best part is that there is a lot of variety that can be selected. The size description of each wig makes it very easy for every buyer to be well convinced about their products. The buyers have shown a lot of satisfaction in terms of price and quality.

However, the shipping price is a bit negative about this site. But overall, this site has a lot of positive things to offer. It is highly recommendable to every woman who wishes to look attractive irrespective of their fields.

Final Verdict

Every terms and condition are appropriately highlighted. This online site is quite trusted worthy as it has many customers giving their positive feedback every now and then. It helps to build trust among the buyers. Thus this online site is highly recommendable, and one should buy a product from here.

We hope that we have cleared you about the properties, specifications, pros, cons, and also its delivery policies. After going through the customer reviews, it does not look like a scam.

0 thoughts on “Fashice.com Reviews [April] Are They Worth the Hype?

  1. I ordered something two days and haven’t gotten any information since. Starting to think it’s. Fake website!!!!

    1. If I were u I would cancel it now the wigs are fake they r nothing like they advertise I waited 3 months to get mine an was so excited to think I was getting something new to try an they absolutely look like drag show costume wigs so watch out

  2. ”Thus this online site is highly recommendable, and one should buy a product from here.” ”After going through the customer reviews, it does not look like a scam” DODBUZZ .com right ? Nice too see you are promoting a Scamming website. My wife ordered 2 wigs there and a frend too, never got any shipping details and wont never have them. When you check ”reviews” of this website you can see its a new one, they dont advertise their products through direct name ( Fashice will be Wig legend on facebook you can go check .. with 500 likes less then my no name guitar page.) They dont mention any adress, they dont have phone number contact, they got a section on their website saying : Cant pay with paypal ? Heres how you can pay. Do you find anything in this professionnal ? Sorry but you either got full of !”/$ in your eyes or work for this company. If this comment can save money for some people its a good thing i did it. Scamming web site and what a bad and wrong review wow.

  3. I ordered two wigs on April 17 and I just got my tracking info for the wigs so it’s not fake

    1. I order from here an it took 3 months to get my FAKE wings they were supposed to b like real hair an they aren’t they look like costume wings and its BS they won’t give u a refund

  4. I ordered 2 wigs on April 13 and didnt recieve my tracking number until the 23rd. It’s now May 2nd and I still have no wigs and the tracking info keeps saying that it has left China and landed in USA. I emailed last night and have received no response as of yet. I will come back with the final result in a week or so.

  5. my wigs arrived however they are very bulky at the hair line and look like a costume wig for a drag show

    1. I thought the same thing and I was so upset cause I was really looking forward to trying something new an now all I have is 2 fake costume wigs

  6. I received the wigs I ordered today absolutely disgusted with them they should be ashamed with themselves.
    They are nothing like the picture you can see the netting what they are are weaved into & they are the wrong colour & looks totally fake
    You should be named & shamed
    Totally disgusted.

  7. I ordered wigs from Fashice over a month ago and just received my order today. I ordered 4 wigs because they were offering a buy one, get one free offer and I ended up spending roughly $80. Let me just say that I thought the wigs were at an affordable price for what was advertised. They showed very realistic wigs that you could move around and part differently. The wigs looked like they had the mesh netting that you could trim to make it look like your hair line.

    I was very antsy to get these wigs, and like I said I waited for a month. I know that the website is a Shopify website which means the merchandise pretty much comes from China as a drop-shipping store. I know this because I have owned a Shopify website before. So, shame on me for thinking I may be getting something that it probably wasn’t.

    The wigs aren’t horrible, but they’re definitely noticeable as wigs. There is no mesh netting to make anything look like your hair line, the hair itself looks synthetic and the things I am most upset about is how long I waited and anticipated these wigs to basically just have four new costume wigs instead of wigs I could use as an everyday hair change.

    P.S. I noticed a lot of the comments here were concerning the amount of time it takes for their purchase to get to them. Believe me, I get it. But like I said above, it is a Shopify website which means the products are coming from China which… if you have ever been addicted to shopping for items on Wish or cheap jewelry on eBay, you know it can take a long time.

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