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Fashioncosy Reviews [July] Scam or a Legit Website?

Fashioncosy Reviews 2020
Fashioncosy Reviews [July] Scam or a Legit Website? -> In the article, you read about a website offering unique and trendy products in women’s clothing and accessories.

We all do look for better and unique ideas when it comes to fashion and accessories. This is why people are frequently coming up with trendy ideas to meet the growing needs of customers. 

In this article, you will be reading about Fashioncosy Reviews. The name itself tells about the site. This is an online webstore dealing with various fashion accessories. They sell dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes. The website claims to have the best collection is bags along with the best quality.

The website is launched in the United States and also specified that their only aim is to provide the latest products to its customers with unique designs at the best reasonable prices. They have also mentioned several reasons to shop with them, including a wide range of products, professional customer services, free shipping, and discount offers. The above reasons are listed by the website to attract buyers.

But to justify the theme of this article, Fashioncosy Reviews, we will give you enough reasons to decide whether the site is safe to shop.

The article below will clear the doubt of the authenticity of the website, with proper facts and statements.

Read below to know more.

What is Fashioncosy?

The online market is full of numerous websites dealing with clothing and similar items. They all have their USP’s and are different from each other in one way or another. 

Fashioncosy offers different products in different categories for sale. These categories include tops, dresses, bottoms, linen clothing, two-piece sets, accessories, shoes, and many other groups.

They further offer numerous options in each group to select from, thus giving their customers a wide range to choose from.

The website has also mentioned that they offer options in phone bags, sling bags, handbags, and travel sets to meet your requirements. They also claim to sell the best products to their buyers, thus ensuring full customer satisfaction, as mentioned on the website.

Specifications of Fashioncosy:

  • Website: Deals with women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Company Name: Chengdu Fenhui Technology Limited
  • Address: Plot No. 1609, Floor Number 16, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu City
  • Warehouse Address: Plot No. 7, Yongda Road, Guangzhou City
  • Contact Number: 086-13360012945
  • Shipping time: 1-5 Business days.
  • Shipping Cost: Free delivery on orders above $79
  • Delivery: 8-20 Business days.
  • Returns/Exchange: within 14 days from the date of receipt.
  • Refunds: Returned within seven days after the company has received the order.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit, and Debit Card.

Pros of Fashioncosy:

  • Option to choose from a wide range of products.
  • Fast delivery option available.
  • The site ensures that they use the best product quality.
  • The website is SSL Certified.

Cons of Fashioncosy:

  • COD not available.
  • The website is too young.
  • Products are overpriced.
  • The same products can also be found on other sites, at lower prices.

Customer Reviews on Fashioncosy:

Not many reviews about the site and its products are available online. This might act as a hurdle between smooth order placements.

Some reviews available on the other platforms are thus compiled below for better understanding.

Customers are not much happy with the site and also not satisfied with the products. They’ve mentioned that there’s a difference in the product’s quality; they are different from what is referred. Also, the price of the products is higher, as compared to other sites. 

They have also written that the same products can also be found on other sites. The images used for products reference are copied from other websites.Thus; the duplicity of the products over the internet with price difference is detected.

Buyers also mentioned that the site takes too long to deliver the product, and also it is difficult to contact them in terms of any query related to returns or refunds of their order.

Some of their buyers faced the above problems. They also mentioned that they wouldn’t further prefer it for shopping.

Final Verdict:

After going through the website and exploring it on the other platforms, it can be concluded that the site is a scam. The website is too young. Its domain was purchased a few weeks ago. This is why not much information about it is available online. The site also offers substantial discounts on its products, whereas any other legit site would never do so.

Thus, it is not recommended to shop from the site, unless entirely sure of its legitimacy, to ensure the safety of transactions.

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  1. I appreciate you researching this company. I couldn’t find any reviews which left me feeling a little apprehensive too. The cloths of course look nice, in-fact, they look too good to be true.

    Again Thanks

    1. I never buy from any of these companies. Their clothes come from China and you really cannot return them. I had huge issues.

      1. I can tell you first hand that their products are major pieces of crap. Nothing like what was on their web site. Be fore warned, you will be extremely disappointed with what you receive, if of course you receive anything at all.

    2. I ordered from Fashioncosy in early and received the order today. WHAT A JOKE. Noting fit. Would not wear out of the house. Cheap material. They say refund within 7 days of order and you don’t get it for 2 months. How do you get them shut down before others are taken advantage. I spent $88 dollars on this order and I am sure I will never hear from them again.

  2. My order was placed in early May. My transaction cleared my bank May. It is July 5th and I still haven’t received my clothes yet.
    My next step is to inform the Better Business Bureau and my bank in an attempt to get my money back. I am extremely disappointed in this over seas scam. I was looking forward to these clothes. However from now on I will seek information thru Consumer Reports before placing an order with an online merchant.

    N. Ruppaed

  3. I received my items from the company; however, the tops run very small. I’m attempting to return them and the company does not return emails in order to be able to return your order. No phone number listed on the website.

  4. Definitely a scam. Been close to 2 months and I haven’t rcvd anything. Wish I’d done a bit more research before ordering from them.

  5. I am sooo glad you were here. I was filling up my shopping cart. There were sooo many cute things I wanted. Then I had a flashback to another place in time where I’d been burned from an overseas retailer. Although most of the items were good, there was the one that wasn’t . They wanted me to pay to send it back. Which they already knew it would cost a fortune. Reading the RETURN and REFUND rules you wrote did it for me. Yep , that’s the scam!!

    Another similar incident with a similar scam happened when I placed an order on ETSY for a Hobo Bag. First, I didn’t know the bag was coming from Thailand [flashback and a mini panic attack all-in-one]! Well they sent the ‘wrong’ item. When I reached out to them, they promised to send the ‘correct’ item then added….”About the bag we sent you by mistake you can keep it but if you can please just pay us $15 for it to my paypal account (this bag cost + shipping its $36 so you got big discount on this bag)”. I’d asked them to send me a return label BTW. So I’m definitely on alert for scams. Thanks again!!

  6. I too are waiting for my order. I will just call my Bank and try to get my money back.
    I loved the clothes to.

    1. Hello this is kierajames and i was wondering when will my dress arrive that i ordered from fashioncosy

  7. Hi my name is kierajames and i was wondering when will my dress arrives that i ordered from fashioncosy

  8. Scam…scam….received my order, finally after about a month. One item missing, and the other items WAY to small. Item listed to be denim was NOT denim!! I have sent numerous emails and they will not sent me a return address, but advised me NOT to send back to address on package. They act like they can’t understand English!! Return emails are hardly understandable!!! Do not order from this company…..just a bunch of Scammers!!!

  9. Yes, I have tried your website. Not worth the time and energy. How can you take advantage of people like this? When my order arrived after waiting for almost 2 months, nothing fit an they cone with no return instructions. The items run very small and are cheap quality. They are nothing like the pictures you show. Now if you are so responsible, get me my money back. I am going to warn everyone I know on facebook about your operation. I am very disappointed.

    1. I had the same thing happen to me, took almost 2 months to get 3 of the dresses out of 4 I ordered. Still waiting on the last one. The quality is cheap, not at all the same dress I ordered, horrible and way to small. What a scam, how can these people get away with this!

  10. Sounds like a scam. I too have ordered in May and have yet to received product. Also in this article you mentioned they are in the United States but in trying to get in contact with them I get a listing of their company with an address in Japan. I have tried several of their email addresses and keep getting – not a good address. What can one do? Any suggestions?

  11. According to their cancellation policy if you cancel w/i 24 hrs you get a full refund. I tried and of course, got a gibberish email not even responding to my request. They said they would cancel 2 of the 5 items. Not sure why not all.
    Clothes just arrived, believe me, not what the pics on the website suggest….very cheaply made, sizing is absurd.
    If you read reviews of places, go to Google etc, not the company website.
    When will I learn???

  12. I to have been scammed , post office couldn’t track products with the tracking number they gave me. I ordered six items in June and they are coming in four different packages, first two never arrived but said they were delivered to my home town post office. My post office never got them, third item was cheap material and smelled like that flammable material they used to make dolls from in the 80s that is banned. So horribly disappointed . I have an inquiry going with PayPal and have not gotten results yet. Wish I read this before getting duped .

  13. I wish I had done more research on this company. They are a big joke. The dresses on the website look very good but you definitely do not at all what is explained. The quality of the material is very cheap and in some cases not even what they say on the website. I went by the size chart and had to order 3 sizes larger than my normal size and none of the 5 dresses fit. They say that if the qualify is not what you expect or something is damaged and you let them know with in 14 days that you will get a refund and not have to pay to send it back. I notified them in 2 days but they will not respond to me when I ask for a return label. I have gone to my bank to put in a dispute since I can not get anyone to respond to me. WHAT EVER YOU DO , DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

  14. I placed my order & it has been over a month & the order has not yet been received. Do not order from this company. They are scammers. I’m trying to get a refund from them with no luck.

  15. I finally received my order and 2 out of the 3 items I ordered don’t even match the pictures. Ordered 2 dresses and a necklace. Got one dress, a blouse and the correct necklace. The necklace was the only item that looked like the picture. I’ve tried emailing them for how to return them, but no luck. Just sent another email. I have to spend $35 on shipping it back, only to have them not refund me my original $68 plus the shipping cost. They scammed me!

  16. I saw their ads on Facebook. I ordered 2 pair of womens pants on June and they have not been delivered. I have been getting the run-around on email as to where my order is and when it will be delivered. This site is a scam, fraud, and they stole my money. I will never order from ANY BUSINEES THAT ADVERTISES ON FACEBOOK. They allow frauds and scammers to advertise on their platform and take no responsibility for their advertisers

  17. I ordered from Cozynobby. I received my order within 10 days of processing. However, the 10% discount offered to complete my order within :30min was not honored. I contacted Customer Service immediately. I received an email 4 days later ‘that discounts must be entered manually’. (???) When I emailed back ‘what does that mean? Does that mean you will not honor your discount offering?’ No response to date. A confirmation tracking number was provided. Package arrived. Items were packaged properly. Fabrics were nice to the touch and as beautiful as shown on website. Interesting sidenote: there were NO tags in the clothing. No company tags, no fabric content tags, no care/washing instruction tags. There is also NO care / washing instructions on the website. As a seamstry fanatic…the seamstry/sewing was on point. I think I was very fortunate but would not order from them again.

  18. I have been having similar problems with a company that calls itself CozyDouble. Do you know if they are the same company? Is there any way to pursue the illegitimacy of this company?

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