Fatal Accident On I-77 Today Ohio {May} Incident Details

Latest News Fatal Accident on I-77 Today Ohio

The article is about a Fatal Accident on I-77 Today Ohio. Get all the latest details on the Ohio accident.

Did you hear about the tragic accident that took place in Green? A fatal accident happened at North interstate 77 in Ohio. Two trucks crashed and caused the collision. The video went viral on almost all platforms worldwide. People from different countries like the United States are fetching more details on the accident.

Here, you will know the in-depth details about the Fatal Accident on I-77 Today Ohio.

Accident in Ohio today

A Department of Ohio transportation truck and a dump truck were involved in a fatal accident on Thursday morning. The two vehicles crashed, which led to a flaming explosion. The accident took place around 7:00 am close to Graybill Road. The truck drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment. One of the two drivers suffered serious injuries. 

The entrance from North Interstate 77 from Lauby road was closed after the crash. The investigators reached the accident spot in the morning and investigated the matter. The road is closed temporarily as the investigation is going on. The fire caused by the accident blocked the traffic.

Fatal Accident on I-77 Today Ohio

Early on Thursday, A technician at district 4 ODOT highway was hit alongside 77 interstate in Green City, Ohio. The technician was shifted to the hospital and did not have life-threatening injuries. An ODOT worker was about to pick up the trash he noticed while heading up to receive the sweeper. 

The worker was inside his truck; meanwhile, a dump truck crashed into the vehicle without decreasing its speed. The collision turned into a fire. The lane was blocked after the fire explosion happened. The investigation team reached the accident spot and began an investigation of the Fatal Accident on I-77 Today Ohio.

More on Ohio accident

Accidents in Ohio are frequently heard nowadays. Deputy District 4 Director Gery Noirot stated that they are extremely fortunate that the man is alive. Their highway worker, a grandfather, a husband, or a father had gone through serious injuries. He survived, and it is nothing less than a miracle, said Grey Noirot.

ODOT does not release the name and other details of the drivers. The crash impacted the injured drivers terribly. One driver has suffered dreadful injuries. The investigation team is looking after the incident. Currently, no more additional details on the Fatal Accident on I-77 Today Ohio are released. We will update you with the latest details about the accident as soon as they are released.


The article will give you details on the accident at Green City in Ohio. The accident happened on 12 May, Thursday. The two trucks collided and caused massive flamation. Some limited details are released about the incident. The investigation team is currently investigating the accident. You can visit this link to know more about the accident.

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