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Feelingenjoy Reviews [June] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Feelingenjoy Reviews 2020

Feelingenjoy Reviews [June] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> Read the article to know how and at what price you can make your kitchen modular and functional.

Do you also like to have functional kitchen tools and utensils for speedy food preparation? We have a website that can meet your needs. 

A housemaker knows the hardships of maintaining a home and kitchen all together. The daily cleaning and cooking job can easily hamper the resting period. We are here to find the best utensils and accessories for your kitchen to help you cook delicious food without compromising your health, hygiene, and rest. is The United State based website that has storage and cooking solutions for all of us. To find legitimacy, we have Feelingenjoy Reviews to guide you better. Let’s understand the subtle concepts behind the website, products, and services.

What is Feelingenjoy? 

Feeling enjoy is a US-based company that is selling storage utensils, cooking utensils, and conditions equipment. It has potato cutter, coasters, portable food sealer, measuring spoons, electric egg beater, cake pan, and much more for us. All products have reasonable prices, which helps us set up a modular kitchen to meet our daily cooking needs. It has an affiliation with Shopify that allows in selling services and products safely to us. 

Everything seems excellent and attractive to purchase. Are not we correct? However, we also know that you are here to find “Is Feelingenjoy a scam?”. Read this article till the end to see the answer.

Specifications of Feelingenjoy:

  • Website Type: Cooking and Storage utensils 
  • Shipping Charge: Free 
  • Shipping time: 2-5 days
  • Delivery time: Depends on your location
  • Return: Applicable within 45 days
  • Refund: Applicable after excluding handling and shipping fees
  • Exchange: Not applicable 
  • Order cancellation: Applicable after levying 30% money deduction 
  • Access to Third-Party: Yes
  • Company address: Not Found
  • Contact number: Not Found
  • Email ID: 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Credit/Debit Card

Benefits of Purchasing from Feelingenjoy:

  • HTTPS secured connection
  • Reasonable and functional kitchen products
  • Easy returns, delivery, shipping, and refund
  • Shopify Inc. affiliated 
  • Well-organized website

Drawbacks of Purchasing from Feelingenjoy:

  • Third-party access
  • Access to Credit card company data storage 
  • Shopify Inc. information storage access 
  • Non-SSL certified website
  • Charges on refund, order cancellation and return

The market value of Feelingenjoy:

As per our analytical and algorithm research, we find Feelingenjoy comes under new launch websites and has around 260 visitors a day. Besides having a well-organized website, it does not hold much market credibility in the United State. It also does not have any comments neither on different reviews websites nor its products. Therefore, we conclude that it needs time to grow in the market. 

Is Feelingenjoy Legit?

Feelingenjoy has a secured HTTPS connection, which makes it safe to browse. The website collects personal information such as email address, name, and address when you place an order. It also secures our PC IP address, which most of the e-commerce websites do. However, it also stores our PayPal and Card details siting for specific reasons. You can withdraw your consent from personal and bank details by contacting the company at its email ID. 

Customer Reviews:

some of the experienced customers are saying, The site gives attractive and trustworthy details on the policies, terms, and conditions, but business is always incomplete without a defined entity, address, and phone number. So please beware of online shopping from here.

Final Words:

Here comes our last segment to comprehend whether Feelingenjoy is a legit website or not. Let’s begin with our data security with the website. It stores our important data on its portal and gives access to Shopify Inc., Third-Party services, and Card Payment industry. Hence, it simply means when we share our personal information once on the website, it gets tripled shared on different portals, which are tough to reach out in urgent times. 

The website is relatively new and has encrypted security for only two months. It merely means after two months; the site is not accountable for any fraud and scam if it happens. The privacy policies have all the required details about our details security and sharing; however, everything bite backs because nothing much can be found in its website security certificate. 

This online store does not share the company address and contact number; however, it dares to fetch every personal and bank details from us. Since product prices are relatively reasonable, they charge heavily on the returns, refunds, and order cancellation that does not seem helpful to us.

We feel Feelingenjoy is a scam and can misuse your bank and personal details. Hence, shop carefully! Let us know your views on the website or its products.

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