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Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial {Sep 2021} Find New Details!

Gaming Tips Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial

This article describes the trial release of the newest version of a famous football game and early access for gamers. Read about Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial.

Are you a fan of football games? If so, you must know about the early access given to the gamers by the most famous game developers in the world. This announcement has made a massive impact on the gaming community, and it’s one of the most discussed topics in recent times.

Football game lovers from Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia and the United States have waited for this for an extended period. Read this article to understand about Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial.

About FIFA 22     

FIFA 22 is a football simulation game that the famous Electronics Arts publish. This version of the game is the latest release of the FIFA series, which has millions of fans worldwide. It is the 29th release on this FIFA series and is to be released on 1st October 2021.

The FIFA 22 will be available for gamers using PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. A beat version of the same game was released on 13th August 2021 in the USA, South Korea and Canada. Later it was released in other parts of the world too.

Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial

  • The official release is dated 1st October 2021, but the publishers provide the facility for gamers to play from 22nd September 2021.
  • The members of the EA Play service can play this game on 22nd September 2021, while the others can play earlier on 27th September 2021 if they pre-order the Ultimate Edition.
  • So, the earlier trial can be possible only using the Pre-Order method and EA Play membership. 
  • The early access provided to gamers with EA Play membership is limited to 10 hours starting from 22nd September to 1st October.

How to get Early Access?

Early Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial access is available to the gamers under two conditions mentioned below:

  • EA Play membership: The gamers who have membership on EA Play or EA Access can install and play the new FIFA 22 from 22nd September 2021 till 1st October 2021. This membership gives the users permission to access this video game earlier. The time given to the members is limited to 10 hours. It will be available on the EA Play app, and the user can play with Steam platforms, Origin, Xbox and PlayStation. Read this article entirely to understand about Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial.
  • Pre-Order method: This method enables the gamer to install the game on 27th September 2021. This method enables the gamers to play the game four days before the initial release. From 1st October it will have regular access. The advantage of this method is that it is not having any time limit like the users with EA Play membership.


Gaming trials help hard-core gamers reduce the long waiting period and provide the gaming experience before the game’s official release. For more official news and information regarding the trial, kindly visit 

Have you ever tried to access the trial video gameplay similar to Fifa 22 10 Hour Trial? If yes, kindly share your valuable gaming experience with us. 

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