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Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate (August) Get the information!

Gaming Tips Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate
Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate will talk about the game releasing end week of September and guide how you can avail yourself of benefits from pre-order.

Do you like playing interactive games on consoles? Do you want to play football that feels absolutely like playing in the real world? Sporting is always in our hearts, and when it comes to football, it is like icing on the cake!

Have you heard about or played any edition of the FIFA game before? If yes, there is good news for players because FIFA 23 will soon release Worldwide. But do you want some benefits from this edition? Then, keep reading our post- Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate.

When will the game release?

FIFA 23 ultimate and standard edition is scheduled to release on 30th September 2022 and is the final instalment in the FIFA series. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PC, Google Stadia PS4, PS5, Xbox series X/S, and Xbox One.

It is a simulation video game based on the game football published by EA (Electronic Arts). This edition is the final instalment in the series as EA and FIFA end their partnership, and future games will be in the name of EA Sports FC.

How to Fifa 23 Ultimate Pre Order?

You can pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate or Legacy, Standard edition by visiting the EA website. Moreover, some electronics stores like Epic Games and EB Games also avail the FIFA 23 to pre-order.

However, to gain the benefits on price and avail 10% discount, you can:

Use the subscription of EA Play to purchase from EA Sport’s website.


Use the previously purchased FIFA 22 to get the discount on the purchase.

Offer from Epic Games:

Pre-order FIFA 23 by 21st August 2022 on Epic Game to get limited-time bonuses such as

4600 FIFA points,

Three days early access on Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate, you can start playing from 27th September 2022,

And more.

What is the price you need to pay to purchase it?

The cost varies as the console changes; let us see the costs:

  • PS5 & Xbox X/S Ultimate edition: $99.99 for US, $149.95 for Australia and £69.99 for UK.
  • PS4 & Xbox One Ultimate edition: $99.99 for US, $149.95 for Australia, and £89.99 for UK.
  • For PC Ultimate edition can cost $99.99 in the US, $119.95 in Australia, and £79.99 in the UK.
  • The price of the Nintendo Switch Legacy edition is $39.99 in the US, $59.95 in Australia, and £34.99 in the UK.
  • Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate on Google Stadia will cost $89.99 in the US, $89.99 in Australia, and £79.99 in the UK.

About FIFA 23 game:

Genre: Sports, simulation,

Feature: Competitive

The HyperMotion2 technology for a truer gaming experience enhances football animation than ever used the first time. It feels like playing in the real world. Build your squad and compete with other players. Also, enjoy the Men’s and women’s FIFA world cup.   


The game FIFA 23 ultimate edition is releasing on 30th September. However, you can pre-order and get some discounts on Fifa 23 Edition Ultimate and early access to some of the handpicked electronics stores. To know information on FIFA 23 game, click here.

Which one do you consider purchasing? Write in the comment section below if you like the information posted here.

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