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Career Options for Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling: Students are often worried about the worth of their financial modeling certificates. They think that they will not be able to land up with good job opportunities. There have been instances, where students have avoided opting for financial modeling for this very concern.

However, this article will help you understand the value of financial modeling certification.

Here, you will find the different career options which you can opt for if you have a financial modeling certificate. Continue reading in order to find out more about that.

Investment Banking

This is one of the most conventional career choices for students who have financial modeling certificates. However, do not be upset by this, as it is one of the best career choices if you have financial modeling certificates. The investment bankers rely immensely on Excel to build models for various organizations and different functions. You will be amazed to know the range of roles they need to play through the use of financial modeling. Investment bankers provide information to companies regarding mergers and acquisitions, advisory mandates and so on.

In addition to that, they help the companies in raising capital. That is to say, investment bankers help them in different topics such as debts, equity, follow-on offerings and so on. This is a brief outline. You can know the implications of financial modeling in depth by joining the financial modeling certification courses that are available online. These courses will give you in depth knowledge regarding the different aspects of financial modeling.

In addition to that, you can know more about the job opportunities in financial modeling from the experts.

Equity Research

If you have a knack for financial modeling, that suggests that Excel is at your fingertips. Knowing and understanding Excel is mandatory for equity researchers. They build financial models, perform analysis of a company and research an industry in depth. They submit all of this information to the company in the form of a report. The company makes a decision regarding investment on the basis of this report. Therefore, if you really have a financial modeling certificate as well as optimal knowledge in Excel, then this job is practically yours.

Executive Financial Modeling

There are students who enjoy researching on different topics associated with their subject or course. Do not fret if you are that person. This is because there are a number of organizations which are looking for people like you. The particular designation has a number of different titles, such as Executive Financial Modeling, Junior Research Analyst and Research Associate. However, the job remains the same for all these alternative designations.

At the very outset, you need to perform sector research and do certain company profiling. You will also have to extract specific data which is relevant to the particular research and can be included as quantitative data.

As a research analyst, you also need to write research reports on the way you have progressed and so on. In addition to that, you need to build models from scratch as well as test different financial models. As you can understand, all of this is closely associated with your course. Therefore, a financial modeling certificate from one of the courses on TangoLearn will prove to be highly beneficial.  

Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial planning and analysis is an extremely important department in each and every company. This particular department has a number of responsibilities which they need to meet. The team of employees needs to work on forecasting the performance of the company.

In addition to that, they also need to compare their forecast to the actual results as well as monitor cash flow of the business. The different employees of the financial planning and analysis department need to figure out the ways in which the company remains well funded. For this purpose, financial modeling is the one and the best method. Through the process of financial modeling, the company will also be able to plan for its future.

Therefore, your knowledge of financial modeling coupled with your Excel skills is important for getting this job. If you are confident about both of the above-mentioned factors, this job might just be yours.


Although students do not tend to think about this particular option, startups are definitely an option for financial modeling. You need to understand certain nuances to acknowledge its importance. Startups are small organizations which require regular funding. There are startups which tend to burn their finances early in their career.

Financial modeling can prevent the occurrence of such chaotic situations. That is to say, financial modeling can help them by forecasting the performance, expenses and so on. This will help the founders in balancing the cash flow, so that they can think of the future.

If you have a financial modeling certificate, do not avoid this option. This is primarily because it might be difficult to land jobs in huge organizations.

However, in smaller startups, you will be more independent and able to gain experience.

Real Estate Development

Real estate developers need a lot of details when it comes to making successful models as well as determining the profitability of the project. Financial modeling certificates can be extremely helpful in determining the profitability of projects. A good and in depth knowledge of Excel is all that you need along with your knowledge in the course.

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