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Finartmedia Review: Technical Analysis Tools Helping You Ace Forex Market

Finartmedia Review: The forex market can be quite tricky to trade. With the bulk volume transaction and added volatility, the forex market traders need to be always on their toes. What’s more debatable is the constant tussle between forex analysts.

Some opt for fundamental analysis as the major tool for taking positions while others recommend technical analysis. Technical analysis charts and tools are available in Finartmedia, as they come in with plug-in tools.

This article focuses on the technical & fundamental analysis and how they cater to the different needs of the traders. Let us read further to know more. 

What is technical & fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis evaluates the influences on stock prices and investment value in the future, e.g. financial statements, management, market movement, and many more. This reflects the intrinsic values of any firm–either the stock is overpriced or underpriced.

Fundamental analysis consists of financial analysis, economic conditions, industry analysis, and future profitability. These focus on scrutinizing the economic status at full length, the anticipation of the probability of several industries’ stratification, and the establishment of the firm corresponding to the decision-making of financial and non-financial distinctive.

Meanwhile, the technical analysis uses tools such as indicators and oscillators, charts, patterns, and trends to predict the price development of the marketplace over the period. Finartmedia has a collection of really exclusive charting tools and techniques for forex traders. 

Technical analysis gives out data through prices, time, volume, and width, thus predicting the future price movements. Based on the demand-supply gap, the trend is forecasted. 

Generally, both methodsare used for fact-finding and probing the projection of price trends. Respectively, both analyses play a vital role in the market systems.

Difference between technical & fundamental analysis

Upon the comparison between technical and fundamental analysis—it clearly stated the following in contrast.

  • Fundamental analysis is pertinent for long-term investments while technical analysis is for the short-term.
  • Technical analysis covers trading and fundamental is more into investment. 
  • Mainly, fundamental analysis targets to identify intrinsic value, however, technical analysis’s goal is to identify the proper time for exits and undertaking. 
  • In terms of discernment, obtainable info and evaluated data, such as financial statements, are the basis for fundamental analysis. On the contrary, technical analysis is based on charts with price trends.
  • Technical analysis is centralized on former data, while the other analysis uses former and present data.
  • For the types of traders—fundamental analyses are for long-term setup, and swing or long-term day traders need technical analysis.
  • The future prices are foretold based on charts and indicators for technical analysis, but the fundamental analysis is based on the former and current execution of the profitability of a firm.

Bottom line

Now that we are clear about both forms of analysis, it is crucial to find a broker that supports technical analysis tools. Finartmedia is quite good when it comes to this, as it is backed by some of the coolest technical tools – and has been the #1 choice for global traders too. Have you signed up with them yet? If not, sign up right now!

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